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32 Delectable Desserts in Paris You Need to Try

Life is short, so eating the best desserts in Paris is something you should do when visiting the city of love.

When visiting Paris, you’ll likely pass a quaint bakery, a local patisserie, or a cafe that’s filled with the smell of freshly baked French classics.

There are so many places to enjoy desserts in Paris, and this list covers all kinds of Parisian desserts (and beyond) and is perfect for anyone looking for a treat.

Do you love crème caramel? Or maybe you’re more into the classic croissant. Ever wanted to try French macarons? These delicious desserts can be tasted at some of the best eateries in Paris.

32 Delectable Desserts in Paris You Need to Try

Here are the most delicious desserts you can eat in the French capital and where to find them.

1. Crème Caramel

Creme caramel is one of the most mouth-watering desserts in Paris
Creme caramel is one of the most mouth-watering desserts in Paris

Tucking into indulgent desserts in Paris is something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Of course, there’s nothing like Parisian desserts; one of the most popular is the crème caramel. 

The crème caramel is a classic French dessert with a custard base and a soft caramel topping. 

It’s very similar to the crème brûlée, but instead of a hard sugar coating, it’s soft on top, and in many parts of the world, it’s called a “flan.” 

A good crème caramel is hard to beat, and there are many places in Paris where you can enjoy this creamy caramel dessert, but no one makes crème caramel like L’Assiette and La Bourse et La Vie. 

Where to get it: L’Assiette, 181 Rue du Château and La Bourse et La Vie, 12 Rue Vivienne. 

2. Baba au Rhum

One of the delectable Parisian desserts you should try is Baba au Rhum
One of the delectable Parisian desserts you should try is Baba au Rhum

Baba au Rhum is a Paris food that will inspire the foodie in you. 

As this list will tell you, Parisian dessert is a culinary commodity, and this is yet another one that won’t leave you disappointed. 

This dessert is a liquor-soaked cake – a sticky goodness waiting to be eaten on your next afternoon tea.

King Louis XV’s pastry chef, Nicolas Stohrer, developed this recipe in the 18th Century, and it was such a hit that it is still around 200 years later. 

If you want a dessert fit for kings, look no further than the Baba au Rhum to fill your tum. 

Where to get it: Stohrer on 51 Rue Montorgueil – this place was named after the Baba au Rhum inventor himself, so it is the perfect place to get this dessert. 

3. Tarte Tatin

tarte tatin, french apple pie

The tarte tatin is served in many French restaurants and could be a close cousin of the humble apple pie. This dessert is like a warm hug and is a highly popular French dessert.

The tart tatin is an upside-down caramelized apple tart. This dessert consists of a pastry base filled with caramelized apples baked and then served. 

Tart tatin is usually filled with apples, but other fruits like peaches and pears are also used in more non-traditional variants of the tarte tatin. 

Some of the best tarte tatin in Paris can be found at Benoît Cast

Where to get it: Benoît Cast, 20 Rue Saint-Martin. 

4. Pastèis De Nata

Pastel de Belem, traditional Portuguese dessert

One of the desserts in Paris that are very popular is the pastèis de nata. 

This dessert is a Portuguese egg tart pastry that falls somewhere between a custard tart and cake. 

Pastèis de nata are small cup-shaped pastries that have a crispy outside with a custard-type filling on the inside that’s creamy, sweet, and delicate. 

These famous tartlets are found worldwide, and you’ve probably tried them once or twice. 

Pastèis de nata aren’t too sweet but are light enough to be enjoyed as a treat. Some of the best pastèis de nata can be found at Comme à Lisbonne

Where to get it: Comme à Lisbonne, 37 Rue du Roi de Sicile.

5. Paris Brest

Paris Brest is a classic French dessert that is worth trying in Paris
Paris Brest is a classic French dessert that is worth trying in Paris

A Paris Brest is a classic French dessert made from choux pastry with a praline-flavored cream. 

This dessert is shaped like a ring, split in half, and has a distinctive nutty, creamy taste. It’s not the most well-known dessert, but it is a must-try when visiting Paris. 

The Paris Brest is a delectable combination of creamy, nutty, crunchy, and soft. Its layered textures and simple but rich flavors satisfy any dessert cravings. 

There are a couple of places in Paris where you can taste a Paris Brest, but the best is Carette. 

Where to get it: Carette, 4 Place du Trocadéro. 

6. Macarons

One of the delectable desserts in Paris that is surely addicting is the Macarons

Macarons are a confectionary treat in Paris and one of the desserts in Paris that you’ll find in nearly every patisserie. 

This French meringue-based sweet treat is made with a few simple ingredients, including egg whites, icing sugar, food coloring, and almond meal. 

This humble but addictive confectionary is often confused with the coconut macaroon, but they taste and look entirely different.

This airy, soft, and slightly chewy dessert is displayed in many windows of local bakeries, but a place that’s well-known for having the best macarons is Ladurée (which is also one of the best brunch spots in Paris). 

Where to get it: Laduree, 75 Avenue des Champs Elysées 

7. Mille-Feuille

mille feuille with cream

The mille-feuille is commonly known as a custard or vanilla slice. This decadent cake-type dessert is made with layers of puff pastry and custard or vanilla pastry cream and topped with a sweet layer of chocolate and vanilla icing. 

Mille-feuille is a delicious dessert, and a couple of patisseries in Paris make an addictive mille-feuille. 

You could try Carette and Ladurée, but the best place to try a mille-feuille is Pâtisserie Carl Marletti

Where to get it: Pâtisserie Carl Marletti , 51 Rue Censier. 

8. Tarte Au Citron

French lemon pie

The tarte au citron is a French lemon tart primarily consisting of a crisp and buttery crust filled with tangy lemon custard. 

This French classic does not have a meringue topping like many other tarts but is just as delicious. 

The flavors in this tart are incredible, but it has to be made correctly, and only a handful of places make an excellent tart au citron in Paris. One of the best places to experience this dessert is Pierre Hermé. 

Where to get it: Pierre Hermé, 18 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.

9. Escargot À La Pistache

Escargot a La Pistache, French dessert

Escargot à la pistache may look strange when you first see it, but it’s one of the most exciting and delectable desserts in Paris. 

This snail-shaped pastry is a heavenly mix of crème of pistachio, vanilla custard, and chocolate. 

For a little taste of escargots à la pistache, you can visit Du Pain et des Idées. 

Their escargots à la pistache are divine and have a fantastic selection of freshly baked bread and pastries. 

Where to get it: Du Pain et des Idées, 34 Rue Yves Toudic.

10. Choux Pastries

Another delicious dessert in Paris that you should try is the Choux Pastries

The word choux in French means cabbage, and the famous choux pastry gets its name from its resemblance to a baby cabbage. 

This iconic French pastry is twice cooked and hollow on the inside. The choux pastries are eaten cold, and the hollow pastry is filled with a sweet cream. 

Choux pastries come in different forms, including eclairs, buns, beignets, and cream puffs. Choux pastries are common in Paris; the best ones are found at Dunes Blanches.

Where to get it: Dunes Blanches, 54 Rue des Archives.

11. Chouquettes


Chouquettes are round, airy, delightful pastries with a custard filling and a crunchy sugar topping. 

These petite little pastry bites are simple but very hard to stop eating. They are crunchy and sweet on the outside and creamy on the inside. 

In Paris, these little treats are traditionally eaten as an afternoon snack, and the simplest version of it has no filling, just a sugar-coated outside. 

Chouquettes can be enjoyed at Pain Pain, a Parisian bakery and pastry shop. 

This popular pastry shop is conveniently situated near the Wall of Love in Paris and is the perfect stop before walking along the Wall of Love. 

Where to get it: Pain Pain, 88, Rue des Martyrs. 

12. Pain Aux Raisin

pain aux raisin

The pain aux raisin is a warm, soft French pastry filled with custard and raisins. This pastry is best enjoyed straight out of the oven and is frequently eaten as breakfast in Paris.

The sweet dough of the pain aux raisin is similar to that of the croissant, and this is one of the desserts in Paris that you can find almost anywhere. 

One of the best stores to experience a traditional and beloved pain aux raisin is at Du Pain et Des Idées. 

Where to get it: Du Pain et des Idées, 34 Rue Yves Toudic.

13. Tarte Au Fruit

Tarte au fruit

The tarte au fruit is a sweet pastry filled with a delicate vanilla pastry cream and topped with a fresh fruit selection. 

These tarts are one of the best sweets in Paris and a famous French summer treat. This tart has refreshing flavors, and with the fruit laid out in a beautiful pattern, it’s a lovely dessert. 

Les Petits Mitrons is a family-run pastry store that is loved by locals for its sweet fruit tarts like the tarte au fruit and is undoubtedly one of the best patisseries to try a tarte au fruit.

Where to get it: Les Petits Mitrons, 26 Rue Lepic.

14. Crêpes

Crêpes is an all-time favorite dessert in Paris

Crêpes are an all-time favorite and are often mistaken for pancakes, but crêpes are much thinner. 

Crêpes are one of the most versatile desserts in Paris and come packed with a sweet or savory filling.

Many small cafes serve an assortment of crêpes, but Bretons is the best. This little gem has more than 20 crêpes to choose from, including both savory and sweet options. 

Bretons crêpes are made from buckwheat flour, and the chocolate and salted butter crêpe are among their most popular menu items. 

Where to get it: Bretons, 56 Avenue de la République. 

15. Gâteau Opéra

Opera cake – a true emblem of French pâtisserie artistry

Gâteau Opéra is also referred to as opera cake. It is made with layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee French buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze.

The name gâteau opéra comes from this cake’s resemblance to the different levels of an opera house. 

It is an elaborate dessert and is often reserved for special occasions. You can experience this refined cake at Dalloyau. 

Where to get it: Dalloyau, 101 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 

16. Soufflé

The soufflé is one of the most famous desserts in Paris

The soufflé is one of the most famous desserts in Paris and has been around since the 18th century. 

Like many other desserts, the soufflé originated in France. The soufflé is an egg dish that can be savory or sweet. As a sweet dish, it’s often chocolate-flavored and topped with fruit. As a savory dish, it includes vegetables, meat, or cheese. 

In a chocolate soufflé, the outer layer is airy, a cross between cake and chocolate mousse, and the inside has a thick liquid center. 

Theres no better place to taste a French soufflé than Le Soufflé 

Where to get it: Le Soufflé, 36 Rue du Mont Thabor. 

17. Croissant

Croissant is one of the best desserts you should try when visiting Paris

The croissant is made with a puff pastry dough and is light, flakey, and has a buttery texture. 

Croissants are crescent-shaped and can contain a filling or baked plain and served with different preserves like jam, cream, and cheese. 

The croissant is widely available in Paris and is typically eaten for breakfast. Many sweet croissants are filled with a chocolate or almond filling, while savory versions could include egg, bacon, and cheese.

The number one spot for getting croissants in Paris is Laurent Duchêne; this bakery has a range of delicious confectionary and desserts, including pastries, cakes, macarons, and confectionery. 

When visiting Laurent Duchene, you’ll have to try their signature croissant filled with chocolate and stuffed with a praline spread. 

Where to get it: Laurent Duchêne, 238 Rue de la Convention. 

18. Tarte Aux Pommes

French pastry with apple - Tart aux Pommes

Tarte aux pommes is one of the desserts in Paris found in every patisserie. 

This popular tart is filled with a soft frangipane filling, covered in a layer of caramelized apples, and laid out in a spiral on the tart base. The caramelized apple design is then topped with an apricot jam glaze. 

The tarte aux pommes has an apple pie flavor with a hint of almond and is enjoyed at teatime or as a dessert. 

The famous Les Petits Mitrons serves the best fruit tarts, including the tart aux pommes. 

Where to get it: Les Petits Mitrons, 26 Rue Lepic. 

19. Ice Cream

Ice Cream is one of the perfect desserts to enjoy during warm days in Paris

Ice cream is not just a popular dessert worldwide but a perfect dessert to enjoy on those warm days in Paris. 

In France, ice cream is referred to as glace or crème glacée, and Paris desserts like ice cream are not jumbo scoops that are manufactured in a factory; instead, they are handcrafted with a fusion of flavors and come in delicate portions. 

Berthillion is a tea room known for serving delicious creamy ice cream, sorbets, and pastries and is a great spot for experiencing Parisian ice cream. 

Where to get it: Berthillon, 31 Rue Saint Louis en l’ile. 

20. Île Flottante

Île Flottante, or floating island, is a desert that originated in France and consists of meringue floating on vanilla custard. This dessert is served at room temperature or cold. 

This is one of the desserts in Paris that’s a staple and one of the ultimate comfort foods. You’ll find this dessert in Paris in many bistros and upmarket restaurants.

Aux Lyonnais is an elegant bistro restaurant where you’ll find some delicious desserts, including the île flottante.

Where to get it: Aux Lyonnais, 32 Rue Saint-Marc.

21. Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée is a popular dessert in Paris that is highly addictive

Crème Brûlée is a creamy custard dessert topped with caramelized sugar that cracks when you tap on it. 

This French dessert is also called burnt cream or trinity cream due to its hardened sugar layer. 

Crème brûlée is a popular dessert, and combining the hardened sugar layer with the soft custard can be highly addictive. 

This dessert is served at many restaurants in Paris, but if you’re looking for a crème brûlée that can’t be beaten, you’ll need to visit La Fontaine de Mars

Where to get it: La Fontaine de Mars, 129 Rue Saint-Dominique.

22. Flan Pâtissier

Home made custard tart, also known as flan patissier

Parisian desserts like flan pâtissier are something you can indulge in over and over again. 

This French tart consists of a flakey pastry crust filled with rich and creamy vanilla custard. The flan pâtissier is also known as a Parisian flan and a bakery staple in Paris. 

The stylish Bo&Mie café offers an excellent selection of pastries, bread, and coffee and serves an out-of-this-world flan pâtissier. 

Where to get it: Bo&Mie, 18 Rue de Turbigo.                     

23. Éclair

Éclair is one of the incredible desserts in Paris that you should try

An éclair is a French pastry dessert made from choux pastry. Éclairs are filled with cream and topped with a layer of icing. 

This log-shaped dessert is found in many bakery windows in Paris, but no one serves eclairs like L’Éclair De Génie. 

L’Éclair De Génie is a specality bakery that only sells eclairs. You can taste various flavors, and their flavor combinations are constantly changing. 

This bakery puts its own unique spin on the humble éclair, and you won’t find an éclair shop like this anywhere else in the world. 

Where to get it: L’Éclair De Génie, 14, Rue Pavée. 

24. Religieuse

Fresh french religieuse au chocolate

The religieuse consists of two choux pastry balls layered on one another. Usually, the bottom choux is slightly larger than the top one. 

The choux pastry balls are filled with chocolate or mocha crème pâtissière and topped with chocolate ganache.

This famous French confection has been around since the 19th century and was initially rectangular. These popular desserts in Paris can be found at Artisan Boulanger Patissier.

Where to get it: Artisan Boulanger Patissier, 28 Rue Monge. 

25. Caramels

French caramels

Caramels are more of a confectionery indulgence but still make it onto the list of must-try Parisian desserts. 

Caramels in Paris are not just something you get out of a store-bought packet but have been handcrafted and come in many flavors, including sea salt flavor. 

Caramels in Paris can be found at Sébastien Gaudard. 

Where to get it: Sebastien Gaudard, 22 Rue des Martyrs.

26. Clafoutis

Cherry clafouti - traditional french sweet fruit dessert

A clafoutis is a sweet tart containing fruit (usually cherries) topped with a sweetened batter and then baked. 

This French dessert can be served warm or cold, and although traditionally made with black cherries, it can be made with pears and apples. 

This tart can be enjoyed at teatime or as a light dessert. Maison Mulot makes an amazing claufoutis. 

Where to get it: Maison Mulot, 76 Rue de Seine. 

27. Canelé

Coffee and canelé are on the table.

A Canelé is a small pastry flavored with vanilla and rum and filled with custard. The outer layer is caramelized, and the inside has soft custard. 

This is one of the most famous Paris desserts and is found in many patisseries in Paris. You can find a canelé at Pierre Hermé. 

Where to get it: Pierre Hermé, 72 Rue Bonaparte. 

28. Kouign-Amann

Kouign-amann, a sweet Breton cake

The Kouign-Amann is not well known or easy to find, even in Paris. 

This caramel buttery and flakey pastry is quite similar to the croissant but is a lot denser with a more caramelized texture.  

Sugar is sprinkled between each layer of this layered pastry before it is drizzled with caramel on the outside. 

This dessert is easily one of the most underrated desserts and one you should try when visiting Paris. 

You can find this pastry at Mason George’s Larnicol. 

Where to get it: Mason George’s Larnicol, 132 Bd Saint-Germain.

29. Brioche Aux Pralines Roses

Brioche aux pralines roses

Brioche aux praline Roses are most adored due to their pink color. These buttery, sweet French treats can be found in French bakeries amongst other pastries like the croissant and pain au raisin. 

The brioche is a type of bread dough, and in the brioche aux praline roses, the dough has a sweetness to it but is complemented by the pink-dyed pralines adorning the inside and outside of the brioche pastry. 

The pralines are usually sugar-covered almonds. But what makes this treat unique is that when baked, the pink sugar-covered pralines melt and turn the crumb of the brioche pastry pink. 

This is definitely a treat for those who not only love the color pink but also love the taste of brioche dough.

Pralus in Paris has an array of delicious pastries, including the brioche aux praline Roses. 

Where to get it: Pralus, 35 Rue Rambuteau. 

30. Chausson Aux Pommes

Chausson aux pommes

Chausson aux pommes is an apple turnover made with puff pastry, apple compote, or apple sauce. They are a humble pastry and not as delicate as a croissant. 

The Chausson aux pommes consists of a flakey butter pastry, but you get this delicious cinnamon apple sugar flavor when you bite into it. 

This dessert isn’t just reserved for apple lovers but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves pastries. The best place to buy the chausson aux pommes is Boulangerie Poilâne. 

Where to get it: Boulangerie Poilâne, 8 Rue du Cherche-Midi. 

31. Pain Au Chocolat

Pain Au Chocolat is a sweet treat that is a must-try in Paris

Pain au chocolat is a French pastry roll made with chocolate sticks or chocolate ganache. This sweet treat is rolled, baked, and best served warm. 

The pastry is flakey; you’ll experience a soft, melted chocolate center once you bite into it. This Parisian dessert is the ideal pastry for chocolate lovers. 

La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac has various French pastries, including the pain au chocolate. This is the perfect spot to try a few authentic French desserts.

Where to get it: La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac, 24 Rue Paul Bert, or Cedric Grolet, a famous pastry chef’s bakery.

32. Madeleines

Madeleine cakes, french pastry

Madeleines are the definition of French desserts. This petite cake is shaped like a seashell and reminds you of the intricate architecture in the city of Paris. 

It’s not only a beloved French teatime treat but the perfect combination of buttery, sweet, and moreish taste. 

This small sponge cake usually comes in a creamy vanilla bean or lemon flavor, and while many consider it more of a cookie, madeleines have a lot of cake-like features. 

So where do you get the best madeleines in Paris? At Mado à Paris. You may want to buy more than just one because they are relatively small, and once you’ve had one, you’ll definitely want more! 

Where to get it: Mado à Paris, 252 Rue de Rivoli.

Pssst: You can have a delectable hot chocolate at Angelina, near Mado à Paris.

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