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24 Delicious Foods in Paris You Have to Try

The City of Love should also be the city of taste because you cannot miss trying different food in Paris! 

Parisian food is part of the French culture, making the most famous French city an internationally known foodie destination. If you plan a trip, many meals await to transport you into a tasty wonderland. 

Whether you’re a food connoisseur or not, knowing what to dine on in Paris will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

If you want to know what to eat in Paris and the best place to find it, you will love these 24 signature treats and dishes that make up the Paris food scene.

24 Delicious Foods in Paris You Have to Try on Your Vacation

1. Croissant

The Croissant perhaps in the most famous food in Paris
The Croissant is perhaps the most famous food in Paris

The most well-known food in Paris is the only croissant. You’ll experience the absolute best croissants in Paris, made with French butter that melts the pastry in your mouth.

These light flakey pastries are perfect to pair with sweet or savory toppings and can be found just about anywhere in the city, but you can head to a boulangerie in Paris for these delicacies and kick off your day the right way with a delicious breakfast in Paris.

Also, you can buy a wide variety of croissants, such as with French cheeses or chocolate, or you can order one at any Parisian restaurant with fresh, mouthwatering toppings. 

You can’t really go wrong with ordering a croissant in Paris, but luckily, we know the finest bakery to get one!

Where to get it: You won’t find a lousy croissant in Paris, but the most exceptional place, according to tourists and locals alike, is at Du Pain et des Idées

2. Crêpes

Crêpes is one of the food in Paris that is  a must-try
Crêpes is one of the food in Paris that is a must-try

If you have a sweet tooth and pancakes make your heart sing, the French word for them is crêpes, and this famous food in Paris is a must-try! 

They might cost a pretty penny, but the melt-in-your-mouth moment is well worth turning a blind eye to the cost. 

Street vendors selling these Parisian pancakes are overpriced, so save the foodie experience for specialized Parisian cafes and restaurants if you’re willing to spend.

Crêpes are not a Parisian food per se, but they are some of the best pancakes you’ll ever come across. 

You can eat these traditional foods savory, too if you’re not into sugary treats – these are known as galettes. Galettes are made with buckwheat flour and are a signature of French food culture. 

Where to get it: Breizh Café has the most excellent crêpes in the city. 

3. Macarons

Another sweet delight that you should try when in Paris is the Macarons

Another food in Paris that will leave you most delighted is a flavorful macaron. 

A good macaron can be challenging to come by, but the goodness is abundant when you’re in Paris! 

Macarons are crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, with endless flavors to try, like salted caramel, rosewater, pistachio, and many others. 

There are many colorful specialty macaron shops scattered around Paris where you can try these French classic treats. 

Macarons in Paris are made with sugar and almond flour and filled with jam, ganache, or buttercream – making them gluten-free! 

These tiny cookies pack a flavorful punch and are a significant food in Paris you want to take advantage of. 

Where to get it: you can find them in pastry shops or bakeries, but you should try some from one of the many Ladurée (wonderful brunch!) or Pierre Herme bakeries. 

4. Chocolate

You'll find premium chocolates from the various chocolatiers in Paris

Paris has some of the most incredible artisan chocolate in the entire world. 

You’ll find chocolatiers scattered around Paris, some with magnificent displays of chocolate sculptures that will delight any chocolate addict. 

You can even take a chocolate tour to try all the best confectioneries Paris offers. 

France is one of the largest cocoa importers in Europe, thanks to the giant chocolate industry known for premium quality specialty chocolates. 

Dark chocolate is a French favorite, but there are endless varieties and flavors. Thanks to the Parisian chocolate quality, you’ll also find the best hot chocolate in the City of Love. 

Where to get it: Many chocolatiers are worthy of the ‘best’ title, but an honorable mention is due to Edwart Chocolatier, who has a handful of boutiques around Paris. 

5. Créme Brûlée

If you're looking for an authentic Paris foodie experience, you should try Créme Brûlée

The first créme brûlée recipe was printed in France, making this a traditional Parisian food that would inspire an authentic foodie experience. 

Créme brûlée is a custard dessert flavored with cinnamon, lemon, or orange zest and covered with crisp caramelized sugar. 

If you’ve never had this Parisian dessert before, trying it in Paris is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! 

Créme brûlée will end off a French meal most divinely and leave you with satisfaction like no other. 

Tapping through the crunchy top layer to scoop up the gooey goodness inside is a Paris food experience more than a dessert, and plenty of eateries offer this scrumptious treat. 

Where to get it: Although many restaurant options on the Parisian food scene can whip up a mean créme brûlée, you’ll want to try Le Potager du Pere Thierry

6. La Soufflé

The incredible La Soufflé is one of the must try food in Paris

La Soufflé derives from the French word Souffler meaning “to puff,” which accurately describes this food in Paris. 

La Soufflé is a sweet dessert or a savory dish made from eggs that creates a fluffy, cakey exterior with a crème or puree center. 

La Soufflé dessert can be made with jam, chocolate, banana, lemon, or berries. Savory La Soufflé is spiced with herbs and can include cheese and veggies. 

Whichever option La Soufflé you choose, this food in Paris is fantastic and an original French dish worth experiencing. 

Be prepared to wait around 20 minutes for the Soufflé, as you can only encounter it when it’s freshly made. 

Where to get it: For the best dessert or savory La Soufflé, your best two options are Le Récamier and the divine Le Soufflé

7. Éclairs

One Paris food you cannot miss out on is an éclair

One Paris food you cannot miss out on is an éclair. Éclairs are a delicious pastry that can be found just about anywhere in the world, but none compared to those in Paris. They’re made of choux dough, filled with cream, and topped with icing.

Sometimes the crème filling can have pistachios, custard, or fruit. You’ll find many flavors throughout Paris, and it’s hard to resist trying them all! 

If you weren’t a fan of them before you arrived, you’d quickly change your mind when you bite into the creamy goodness that the Parisian pastry world offers.

Where to get it: The most popular éclair pitstop is L’éclaire de Genie

8. Gelato

As you can see, Paris is a dessert haven, and there’s no stopping the list of food in Paris without mentioning the creamiest, tastiest Gelato you can find. 

Gelato is not a traditional Parisian food, but Paris does know how to make it absolutely delicious. 

Walking around the streets and parks of the famous French city will pair perfectly with a refreshing treat, and you can find Gelato shops everywhere you go. 

Many places churn out their homemade Gelato, ensuring you’re in for a tasty experience! We know the best spot of all, and you won’t want to skip this food in Paris. 

Where to get it: Pozzetto in Roi de Sicile is a must-eat in Paris! 

9. Baba au Rhum

Baba au Rhum is another Parisian food that will inspire the foodie in you

Baba au Rhum is a Paris food that will inspire the foodie in you. 

As this list will tell you, Parisian dessert is a culinary commodity, and this is yet another one that won’t leave you disappointed. 

This dessert is a liquor-soaked cake – a sticky goodness waiting to be eaten. 

King Louis XV’s pastry chef, Nicolas Stohrer, developed this recipe in the 18th Century, and it was such a hit that it is still around 200 years later. 

If you want a dessert fit for kings, look no further than the Baba au Rhum to fill your tum. 

Where to get it: Stohrer was named after the Baba au Rhum inventor himself, so it is the perfect place to get this dessert. 

10. Paris Brest

Paris Brest is another scrumptious pastry with a worthy place on the food in Paris list

The last dessert on this list before heading to savory meals is a Paris original! Paris Brest is another scrumptious pastry with a worthy place on the food in Paris list. 

It’s a wheel-shaped dessert named after a cycle race called Paris-Brest-Paris.

If you like nutty hints in your dessert, this is the one for you! Paris Brest is made from choux dough and has a praline cream center made with hazelnuts and almonds. 

The crunchy layers welcome you into a smooth, creamy center and leave you with unforgettable flavor.

Where to get it: While many restaurants and bakeries make this signature Parisian food, you’ll want to make a trip to Pâtisserie Carl Marletti

11. Croques

If you're looking for what to eat in Paris, croques are a worthy consideration

If you’re looking for what to eat in Paris, croques are a worthy consideration! 

Croque might sound like a basic sandwich, but it is a Parisian staple that consists of a slice of bread, ham, and melted cheese (Croque Monsieur) or an added fried egg (Croque Madame). 

Although simple, Paris knows how to make even the most simple meal a culinary success. 

These sandwiches are made to perfection, and we’ll tell you more about just how amazing Parisian bread and cheese are in a moment, which should convince you to eat as a local would! 

Where to get it: Croques can be found at nearly every Parisian restaurant, and each has its own take, but the best is at Faste

12. Bread

Paris has the freshest, most delightful bread you could ever find. French bread has been made for centuries and has reached perfection. 

The fresh carby goodness can be found just about anywhere in Paris at the many boulangeries (bakeries).

You’ll find the freshest traditional baguettes, Boule de pain, Brioche, Faluche, Ficelle, Fougasse, Pain de Campagne, and many others. 

Baguettes, these long and delicious loaves of bread, are a definite must, but trying out the different French bread Paris offers will leave you rolling home with tasty memories of some of the finest bread in the world. 

Where to get it: Although there are plenty of spectacular boulangeries scattered across Paris, you must stop by La Maison d’Isabelle.

13. Cheese

Another awesome foodie must try in Paris is their cheese

Fromage is the French word for cheese – a staple Paris food, and the premium quality artisan cheese available will impress your taste buds. 

Whether you order a cheese platter at a restaurant or have it as a topping on a meal, the intense cheese flavor is unmatched. 

Goats cheese, blue cheese, sweet mountain cheeses, brie, Camembert, Époisses – you name it, Paris has them all. 

With fine French wine widely available in Paris, a pairing experience is in order! 

You’ll never be short on cheese options, and it would be an opportunity missed if you didn’t try a few of the fantastic varieties Paris offers. 

Where to get it: Androuet is a top-rated cheese shop with plenty of options to choose from. 

14. Jambon-Beurre

Jambon-Beurre is a wholesome Parisian meal worth trying

If you’re looking for a wholesome Parisian meal, Jambon-Beurre is an option worth choosing. 

This meal is a simple half-baguette that layers French butter, cooked ham, and cornichons. It is the perfect on-the-go meal and ranks among the most popular food in Paris.

Since Jambon-Beurre is a plain meal, the quality of the ingredients is what makes up the taste profile, and no matter where you go, it will be amazing.

It is also relatively cheap, so you won’t need to break the bank to experience a local favorite. You can find this Parisian sandwich at corner bakeries or restaurants.

Where to get it: Le Petit Vendôme makes a delicious Jambon-Beurre.

15. Soupe À L’Oignon

French onion soup or Soupe À L’Oignon is a Paris meal that marries flavors into perfection, and you should not leave the city without trying it! 

Caramelized onion soup will be perfect on a cold evening in Paris. It’s made with onions, beef broth, and grated cheese and served with French bread. 

The flavor is a perfect harmony of sweet and savory, and although you could eat it anywhere in the world or make it at home, Paris makes it best and is a tourist meal that allows for a full Paris food scene experience. 

Where to get it: You can get Soupe À L’Oignon at any restaurant, but we suggest the wonderful Au Pied de Cochon

16. Steak Frites

Paris makes a perfect Steak Frites

Steak Frites is simply a meal of steak and French fries, and Paris knows how to make it perfect. 

The steak is matured, cooked to your preference, and served with your choice of sauce, usually Béarnaise or peppercorn. 

The fries are usually hand-cut and double-fried for extra crunchy goodness. 

Ever wondered if French fries are actually French? The truth is that they are from Belgium, made famous in the 1600s, but because Belgium people spoke French, the name stuck to these deep-fried goodies. 

Although fries aren’t French, the French know how to make them well, and they pair brilliantly with a steak. 

Where to get it: Le Relais de l’Entrecôte is definitely the place where you want to order a plate of Steak Frites! 

17. Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare is an incredible steak dish in Paris that is famous with tourists

Another Paris steak dish is the tourist famous Steak Tartare. They make steak tartar with finely chopped, specially prepared raw beef, with onions and capers. 

It may not be for everyone, but it is worthwhile trying this delicious beef Parisian meal.

Yes, it is raw, and it may not sound all that appetizing, but the French love this meal, and if you’re adventurous enough, you may find to love it the same. 

You can find this meaty meal at most brassieres and bistros, but research the place before you order because it is raw, and you should be careful.

Where to get it: Au Petit Fer à Cheval makes the tastiest Steak Tartare! 

18. Gougère

We know the French are recognized for making delicious pasty, and Gougère is one of them! 

Gougère is a savory pastry ball made with cheese, with varying other ingredients like mushrooms and ham. 

They can be served hot or cold as a snack, but a fresh warm one takes the spot as the better option. 

These pastries are reminiscent of a savory croissant but are their own cheesy treat that has a worthy place on this list of must eat Parisian foods. 

You’ll find them at many bakeries, and they are also delicious when paired with wine.

Where to get it: All bakeries make a lovely Gougère, but the top bakery for this treat is Avant Comptoir de la Terre

19. Duck

Duck dish is a tasty meal that you should not miss when visiting Paris

Duck is an integral part of French cuisine, and most of it is sourced from the South of France. 

Signature duck dishes are confit de canard and magret de canard. It’s easy to find a duck dish at bistros and restaurants, and it is a tasty meal you wouldn’t want to miss. 

The duck is cooked to perfection in its own fat until the outside forms a crisp layer. Duck is known to be a tender meat with perfect moisture, so you won’t need to worry about the yumminess factor when ordering this meal. 

Where to get it: Duck is a French delicacy, so there is no shortage of good restaurants in Paris, but the best is the previously mentioned Avant Comptoir de la Terre

20. Escargot

Escargot is a unique French dish that is recommended for adventurous foodies when visiting Paris

Escargot, which is snails, is for the adventurous foodies out there who would like to immerse themselves in Parisian food culture. 

This unique dish is a traditional French cuisine that is surprisingly delicious, despite what you may think! 

Escargot is like a sponge to what it is flavored with, which is most often garlic, butter, and parsley. 

The texture is similar to mussels, so if you’re into that, snails don’t fall far from the tree. 

Besides escargot being a tasty meal, they’re high in protein, a great source of iron, and omega-3 fatty acids! 

Where to get it: L’Escargot Montorgueil specializes in this delicacy and knows how to make it perfect! 

21. Frog Legs

Another adventurous Parisian meal is a plate of frog legs

Another adventurous Parisian meal is a plate of frog legs! It’s a don’t-knock-it-till-you-try-it dish that the French know how to make most deliciously. 

If it helps, you can think of them as chicken wings because they do, in fact, taste like chicken! 

Frog legs are cooked with garlic, lemon, and parsley and are sometimes deep-fried. 

The French consume 70 tons of frog legs a year, which proves that they definitely have a flavor that is delicious enough that provide a valuable food experience. An authentic Parisian trip is just a frog leg munch away! 

Where to get it: La Cave Gourmande will ensure you get the tastiest frog legs. 

22. Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon is a classic Paris food that you'll simply love

Boeuf Bourguignon is a classic Paris food that you’ll simply love and a great alternative if you’re shying away from snails and frog legs! 

Beef Bourguignon is not particularly Parisian, but it is a local favorite, and French restaurants know how to make it scrumptious. 

This delicious dish is like a stew with beef, glazed carrots, and potatoes. The beef is usually prepared over two days and cooked in Burgundy wine. 

Boeuf Bourguignon is a hearty, wholesome meal that will leave your belly full and give you a flavor profile to rave about. Feel free to enjoy this meal with a glass of red wine! 

Where to get it: Au Bourguignon du Marais will happily serve you the best Boeuf Bourguignon ever. 

23. Cassoulet

Cassoulet is a traditional French food that tourists in Paris would love

Cassoulet is a food in Paris that is absolutely scrumptious. The dish is a slow-cooked French casserole made with Haricot beans and meat, which could be pork, goose, duck, sausage, or lamb. 

Whatever version you come across, this is a Parisian food that originates from the South of France and is a local pick that tourists love too. 

Where to get it: La Fontaine de Mars serves a hearty portion of delicious Cassoulet. 

24. Huîtres

If your looking for a fancy food in Paris, then a serving of Huîtres is for you

Huîtres is the French word for oysters, and if you’re looking for fancy food in Paris, this is the one for you. 

Although you can get oysters in many countries around the world, the wine in Paris is golden, and an oyster pairing with white wine is something you’ll want to experience. 

Oysters are harvested in Brittany and Normandy and shucked onsite in Paris.

Huîtres are prepared with lemon, and you can slurp them or use the tiny forks that they get served with. 

Since oysters have their own flavor, you’ll easily find the same quality throughout Paris. Simply ask for Huîtres and your choice of white wine, and enjoy! 

Where to get it: Huitrerie Régis is a seafood restaurant that is the perfect go-to for Huîtres.

That’s it for Paris cuisine. If you like this article about famous food to eat in Paris, be sure to share it on your social media.

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