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18 French Lingerie Brands French Women Swear By

Want to renew your lingerie drawer? Then check out these incredible French lingerie brands!

Slim or curvy, every woman wants to feel beautiful, and a set of luxurious French lingerie under that little black dress can make a wallflower feel like a princess.

France is home to some of the most sought-after lingerie brands in the world, and the quality, elegance, and allure of French underwear are second to none. 

The top French lingerie brands range in style from racy to the girl-next-door, with something for every woman.

These French lingerie brands will have you shopping online until the wee hours or taking a vacation for some French lingerie retail therapy.

18 French Lingerie Brands French Women Swear By

Here are some of the best French brands from around the country, but especially from Paris. After all, Paris is famous for being the World’s Fashion Capital, isn’t it? Let’s get to it!

1. Yasmine Eslami

Parisian Yasmine Eslami trained at Studio Bercot and cut her teeth on the fashion design business in London at Vivienne Westwood. 

After ten years, Eslami returned home to Paris to work at a fashion magazine.

In 2010 she established her eponymous label. She loves using sheer fabrics and styles that accentuate the natural female shape. 

Yasmine designs underwear for comfort and to suit all shapes and sizes, as she doesn’t believe all women need to look like pin-up models.

2. Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass is a Parisian-born fashion designer who launched her first brand in the 1960s, but it was in 1975 that she established her own fashion house dedicated mainly to lingerie. 

She created a minor underwear revolution in an era when women’s liberation movements were on the rise.

While female underwear was supposed to be purely functional, Chantal Thomass designed daring and bold garments to reveal women’s bodies rather than hide them. 

Tulle, lace, silk, and other luxurious fabrics are abundant, with ranges to suit all figures.

3. Eres

Eres is a top French fashion house that creates lingerie, swimwear, and activewear. 

Irene Leroux founded the company in 1968, intent on modernizing the swimwear that her family sold in their boutique. Chanel bought Eres in 1996.

Valérie Delafosse is the artistic director of Eres and is responsible for designing one of the most luxurious ranges of lingerie made in France. 

The Eres brand believes in freedom of movement, elegance, and support, and they create their lines accordingly.

4. Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel’s lingerie brand is based in the silk district of Lyon, France. This company is among some of the largest producers of luxury French underwear. 

It was born in the 50s, and Jacques Daumal, the famous artist and designer, gave the brand a new lease on life in 1975.

Today the group makes five brands: Lise Charmel, Antinea, Antigel, Epure, and Eprise. Their products consist of the finest lace, satin, and silk, often displaying stunning embroidery. 

They create lingerie in standard and larger sizes with a focus on comfort and extreme beauty.

5. Etam

In 1916, German-born Max Lindemann founded Etam in Berlin, where he manufactured hosiery. 

The brand opened its first boutique in Paris in 1928, and today it is one of the leading lingerie designers and distributors, with more than 1100 stores worldwide.

Etam focuses on beautiful fabrics and craftsmanship to create innovative and comfortable lingerie. Etam has also created a post-mastectomy range.

6. Aubade

In 1875, Dr. Bernard, a corset specialist, opened a corsetry company and became one of the leaders in the French lingerie industry, taking the French market by storm. 

In 1958, the Pasquier family, the company’s new owners, established the Aubade brand.

Aubade is about women’s freedom, and their products are intentionally provocative and audacious. 

It was the first company to produce strapless bras, front-fastening bras, and halter bras. Aubade offers bras in sizes A-G, all with excellent support and comfort. 

The ranges are vast, with items in lace, silk, sheer, satin, or embroidered fabric, and the brand also offers a men’s line.

7. Chantelle

Chantelle is a brand of lingerie owned by the Groupe Chantelle, founded by Francois Auguste Gamichon in 1876. 

The company pioneered the fabric known as Kretz tulle, a type of elastic knit, which it used first in its corsetry and later in its bras.

There is a range for every woman, from the conservative to the daring. Inspiration comes from the modern woman, acknowledging their beauty regardless of their shape. 

Bras come in cup sizes A-I, which is terrific news for the well-endowed.

8. Maison Lejaby

In 1930, Gabrielle Vianney became infatuated with lingerie after seeing actress Marlene Dietrich in a garter belt in The Blue Angel. 

Those images of glamor and sex appeal motivated her to sew beautiful bras and underwear, which became the talk of the town. That is how the Lejaby brand was born.

This French lingerie brand is known for its attention to detail, excellent fit, comfort, and quality fabrics. 

The ranges aren’t flashy but classically elegant. Lejaby relies almost entirely on French textiles for their lingerie and boasts a level of meticulousness that compares with few others. 

It has ranges to suit petite and plus sizes, with cups made up to an H-size.

9. Ysé

Ysé is a relative newcomer to the world of French lingerie. Clara Blocman founded the brand in 2012, which includes underwear, bodysuits, pajamas, and swimwear collections.

The lingerie is designed to celebrate all women’s bodies, and cups come in sizes AA – E. 

The smaller sizes won’t be identical to the larger ones because the designers make adjustments to each cup size to provide each unique body with sufficient support and comfort.

10. LIVY

LIVY is a Parisian lingerie brand launched in 2017 by Lisa Chavy. She has three main lines in her collection; Paris, L.A., and New York, and each has a different flavor. 

Paris is mysterious and sexy, L.A. is laid-back, and New York is bold and graphic. LIVY is a young, modern brand that uses the finest materials to create a sensual, high-fashion range.

11. Simone Pérélé

Madam Simone Pérélé founded her Parisian lingerie brand in 1948, believing that a woman shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to feel beautiful. 

It was this house that first used Lycra lace to craft gorgeous, comfortable underwear.

The House of Simone Pérélé understands that women’s body shapes are all unique. Therefore it has created a wide range of underwear styles to suit every size and shape. 

Cup sizes range from A to H, so there is a large variety for ladies to choose from for both beauty and comfort.

12. Princesse Tam Tam

In 1985, Loumia and Shama Hiridjee founded Princesse Tam Tam in Paris. 

The lingerie brand is named after the 1935 film about a Tunisian girl who goes to Paris after learning the social graces of a lady and is presented as Princess Tam Tam from Africa.

The brand designs high-fashion lingerie for sophisticated, feminine, and modern women. 

Princesse Tam Tam is famous for its bright colors and prints and is created for the comfort and enjoyment of every woman, regardless of her shape. Both 

bras and briefs come in every color and style you can imagine, and cup sizes go as far as an F.

13. Passionata

The Chantelle Groupe launched the Passionata brand in 1988 when women again wanted to embrace their femininity after a decade or two of the Women’s Lib movement.

Passionata is typical of lingerie made in France: hedonistic, playful, and flirty. The range includes every girl’s daily staples, from push-up bras to tanga briefs and everything in between for day wear. 

But when the mood strikes for something more sensual and feminine, lacy bits and pieces with stunning embroidery or sheer fabrics with scalloped edges are available for your pleasure.

14. Rosy

Rosy is a Parisian lingerie brand that has been supplying French women with delightful undergarments since 1947. 

The brand consists mainly of bras and panties but also has a sleepwear range. In 2001, the fashion house Wolf acquired the company.

Rosy began as a corset-making company. The corsetry expertise gave the Rosy brand first-hand experience in vintage styles. 

This helps them blend glamorous vintage styles with modern techniques, which often feature in their lingerie collections.

In a world that is beginning to accept the female form in all its shapes and sizes, more women are looking for flattering underwear to wear underneath their clothes, and Rosy’s designs balance comfort with sensuality. 

Designers and seamstresses join forces to ensure that all undergarments have an excellent fit and leave their customers feeling alluring and sophisticated.

15. LOU Lingerie

Lou is a high-end French lingerie label that currently belongs to the Lacelier France company. 

The Lou brand stemmed from a love story; a gymnastic teacher’s secret love for creating beautiful lingerie and the love story between said teacher, Lucienne Scheltien, and her husband-to-be, André Faller.

In 1946, entrepreneur André Faller met Lucienne, nicknamed Lu, on the Orient Express, and discovered that she designed and created beautiful underwear, including her own underwire bras. 

Lu and André married and joined forces to make her stunning French lingerie available to other women. They set up their business in Grenoble because of their love for the mountains and skiing.

Lou’s lingerie is daring and feminine, and it has a type of fit for everyone, from full briefs to thongs and all manner of bras. 

Lou aims to offer garments that are equally flattering and comfortable, and each item is adapted by little more than a hair’s breadth, if necessary, to create the exact fit for each size.

16. Maison Close

French entrepreneur and designer Nicolas Busnel founded Maison Close in 2006. The collections consist of modern, erotic lingerie made with luxurious fabrics and racy designs.

The name “Maison Close” translates to “brothel” in English. There’s no point in referring to it as underwear because this lingerie is designed to be your romantic outfit! 

While the lines are classy and elegant, there’s no denying this brand’s purpose is seduction.

Maison Close is the brand with the most erotic lingerie made in France. Its collections are bold and sensual and created to celebrate the female body, making women sexy and desirable while still retaining comfort. 

If romance is on the cards, a set of Maison Close lingerie won’t go amiss. And you can purchase props and accessories to match if that’s your style!

17. Cadolle

Herminie Cadolle is the person that most women will bless when they hear that she invented the modern bra, which replaced the stifling corsets of yesteryear. 

She founded Maison Cadolle, one of the top French lingerie houses in the latter part of the 19th century.

Herminie established her first House of Cadolle in Argentina, where she fled to escape the consequences of fighting in the Paris Commune of 1871 for workers’ and women’s rights. 

Her desire to liberate women led her to create the bra, earning her a fortune in the process.

When she returned to France in 1889, she patented her forerunner of the modern bra, titled the corselet-gorge. 

Tiny, cinched waists were in vogue in that era, so it took time before women accepted the idea of not wearing a corset. 

But by the First World War, women started working in factories and embraced the bra due to its comfort and practicality.

Maison Cadolle has two main aims with the creation of its lingerie. Their first priority is to create comfortable underwear that makes them feel great about their bodies. 

Secondly, they want women to feel desirable, not to please men, but for their own pleasure in wearing something sensual and beautiful.

18. Laurence Tavernier

Laurence Tavernier established her own brand in 1987. She had been a designer at Christian Dior, but when she could not find sleepwear that she found comfortable or suited, she decided to launch her French label.

As she toyed with fabrics and patterns, Tavernier turned the world of nightwear upside down and became highly successful in the French lingerie market. 

She tried different colors and cuts, male and female, to find her style and comfort.

Laurence Tavernier finds her inspiration from many sources, including art, nature, exhibitions, and even emotions. 

She uses fine fabrics and fun prints to create her soft and elegant sleepwear line, always focusing on comfort and quality. 

The designer pays intense attention to detail until she is satisfied that she has created a perfectly comfortable garment in which her customers can relax. 

The brand also prioritizes sustainability, especially concerning keeping production in France.

Final Words on French Design Lingerie

With high-quality materials and stylish comfort, these lingerie brands empower the sexy and classic French style.

French women are crazy about sculpting and timeless underwear in a wide variety of colors. In other words, they love well-designed, elegant lingerie, and we’re guessing you do too.

Whether you want a quality piece of lingerie or learn more about the fashion industry, you will be amazed at how creative these French lingerie designers are.

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect lingerie for your underwear drawer.

Enjoyed reading about these French lingerie labels? Then share it with your girlfriends or partner! 😉

18 French Lingerie Brands French Women Swear By

1. Yasmine Eslami

2. Chantal Thomass

3. Eres

4. Lise Charmel

5. Etam

6. Aubade

7. Chantelle

8. Maison Lejaby

9. Ysé

10. LIVY

11. Simone Pérélé

12. Princesse Tam Tam

13. Passionata

14. Rosy

15. LOU Lingerie

16. Maison Close

17. Cadolle

18. Laurence Tavernier

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