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10 French Shoe Brands All It-Girls Are Wearing

Ready to check out the French shoe brands all it-girls are wearing? Then read on! 

New footwear means confidence, identity, and a dash of new personality.

You’ll discover these golden nuggets as we explore the best French shoe brands and peek at what makes them exquisite and desirable. 

We’ll cover who started your favorite brands and what’s the current trending shoes that will have heads turning!

In this post, you’ll learn about new and exciting French shoe brands and have an idea of your next purchase.

10 French Shoe Brands All It-Girls Are Wearing

Here are some of the best French brands from around the country, but especially from Paris, that you will want to buy. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, right? 

1. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin specializes in high-end stiletto shoes with glittering, red-lacquered soles that sets him apart from his competition. 

While initially working as a fashion freelancer, he eventually opened his own shoe shop in Paris in 1991 and quickly gained popularity with celebrities. 

Since then, his keen interest in shoes led him to design men’s footwear, fragrances, cosmetics, and handbags

Among his exquisite French shoe brands, the Pigalle Follies, Rosalie, and Astrinodo shoes are up there with desirable high-end shoes. 

Pigalle Follies – These elegant pumps get their name from the renowned Parisian nightclub Folie’s Pigalle. 

Their deep-cut décolleté at the sides, Veau Velours, finish, and raised silhouette make them eye-catching and perfect for a night out in your favorite flashy outfit. 

Rosalie – The Rosalie appeals to both modern and timeless innovation with its stiletto heels. It consists of Nappa leather, tonal lining, PVC, and a stunning heel. 

The lines create a delicate strap that wraps the foot and completes its beautiful design over the toe. 

Astrinodo – This jaw-dropping conical shoe is an exquisite choice for any bride. 

It features a glimmering metallic bow coated with strass that hovers over the toe with a PVC strap. The crepe satin bianco beautifully outlines the silhouette of the pump. 

2. Roger Vivier

In 1937, Roger Vivier built his first store in Paris on Rue Royale. 

Customers of Vivier included The Beatles, Gloria Guinness, Ava Gardner, Catherine Deneuve, and Brigitte Bardot (two incredible French actresses). 

He also fashioned French shoes for Queen Elizabeth II for her 1953 coronation. 

Roger Vivier proved himself a thriving French shoe designer by making superb quality shoes like  Belle Vivier,  Flower Strass, and Viv’ Run. 

Belle Vivier – The Belle Vivier is a timeless shoe from France, with intricate details made by hand and brought to life with a classy metal buckle.

It made its first appearance in 1965 and continues to exist as one of the giants of Roger Vivier. 

Flower Strass – These elegant satin Flower Strass pumps are highly sought after by celebrities and for a good reason. 

They have eye-catching crystal flowers that demand the attention of onlookers, and the signature sets you up for a fabulous night out! 

Viv’ Run – Who says you can’t look good while exercising? This sporty shoe is eye candy with high-performance materials to keep you working hard and looking your best. 

Its beautiful crystal buckle and hidden Choc heel lie comfortably on a catered sole. 

3. Jonak

Marcel and Josette Nakam opened Jonak in rue Saint-Placide, Paris, in 1964. It started as a family venture and continues to thrive under Nakam. 

When Marcel passed, the eldest son, Joseph, assumed leadership and made it an immense success, with Jonak now having around 100 stores worldwide.  

Jonak sells several reputable shoes from France, especially their High Hoots, Deray Cut-Out Ballet Flats, and DIAQUO Moccasins with notched soles. 

High Hoots – These stylish boots are ideal winter footwear since they have thick, fat leather heels. 

They scream rock ‘n roll and have a hue of elegance from the square toe and playful laces that are a fit for every occasion—looking for something to match your new jeans or long skirt? They’re perfect!

Deray Cut-Out Ballet Flats – These ballet flats have a unique geometric pattern that gives them superior foot support while maintaining a classy aesthetic. 

They boast a luxuriously soft black laminated leather upper that encompasses your foot comfortably. 

DIAQUO Moccasins with notched soles – These DIAQUO mocassins are available in black or brown and come with thick soles for an eye-catching appeal that adds to your outfit. 

They are an exquisite choice for chinos or jeans and give a modern vibe. 

4. Veja

Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion started Veja in 2004 and it became the it-brand of French girls and women. 

They partnered with cotton farmers in North Brazil and wild rubber tappers in the Amazon to procure the materials for their exquisite French shoe brands. 

Veja design some of the most stylish and colorful sneakers, particularly when it comes to their Esplar, V-10, and Campo sneakers. 

Esplar – Esplar sneakers are available in leather or suede and with mesmerizing hues of indigo & orange, unicorn white, gold, and more! 

They have an organic cotton lining and a unique sole consisting of wild rubber and synthetic materials from the Amazonian forest. 

V-10 – These are classic sneakers with the flexibility to fit your jeans or summer dress. The uppers and panels are soft leather, while the lining combines cotton and polyester. 

You can expect a soft sole consisting of wild rubber, a unique Amazonian forest material. 

Campo – Perhaps one of the most unique sneakers, the Campo brand contains Nubuck uppers and panels, and the sole is a blend of wild rubber, sugar cane, and recycled cotton. 

The unique blend of materials gives it a beautiful finish and guarantees long-lasting comfort. 

5. Repetto

Rose Repetto started Repetto in 1947 after her son, who loved dancing and choreography, stressed his frustration with sore feet. 

Since then, Repetto has acquired clients like the Opéra National de Paris, who adore their ballet shoes. 

Repetto has since expanded to create many other types of footwear, like ankle boots, pumps, sandals, men’s shoes, etc. 

Some of their most iconic brands are Zizi Oxford Shoes, Cendrillon Ballerinas, and Michael Loafers.

Zizi Oxford Shoes – This footwear consists of luxurious goat skin and appeals as an urban interpretation of the jazz shoe. 

The insole has cow leather padding and the highly-unique stitch-and-return Repetto style of sewing inside-out and then turning it inside-out again for ultimate versatility and comfort. 

Cendrillon Ballerinas – These Ballerinas aim to hug your foot as a second skin, catering to elegance and comfort. 

You can expect the legendary stitch-and-return lining and beautiful colors like Dragée pink, light gold, and orange. The insole has soft cow leather padding, perfect for exploring the city. 

Michael Loafers – You can get these loafers in men’s and women’s styles, and they make for a perfect gift or a sophisticated and relaxed aesthetic. 

They, too, have the stitch-and-return design and cow leather insoles and come in shiny black for a boost of confidence in your favorite attire. 

6. Bobbies

Antoine Bolze and Alexis Maugey were childhood French shoe designers who started creating exquisite footwear and high-quality leather goods in 2010, inspired by the Parisian beauty of calm and relaxation. 

Their French fashion style leans toward effortlessness and elegance, spurred by fascinating shapes and lines that scream sophistication. 

Among their exquisite range of French shoe brands, the Coco heeled boots, Lucia pumps, and Wanda sneakers stand out as fan favorites. 

Coco heeled boots – These boots have leather lining and soles and stand 2.75 inches from the ground. 

It has a sophisticated appeal that makes it perfect for jeans or formal work events. You can get them in tuxedo black, mocha latte, whiskey, and green bronze colors. 

Lucia pumps – They come handmade from Italy and consist of special Lamé leather for the ultimate comfort. 

You can find them in colors like black vinyl, squirrel, and gold, making them ideal for almost any outfit. 

Wanda sneakers – With rubber soles, fabric lining, and a Strobel construction, these sneakers are both classy and comfortable. 

You’ll also find leather and suede combinations in the shoe, making them tough and durable for extended periods of constant use. 

7. Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy launched his own French shoe brands in 1999. He had previously worked designing shoes for Christian Dior and under the supervision of Claude Brouet at Hermès. 

Today he’s brand offers luxury footwear and fashionable items for every occasion. 

His designs for men’s Trek Comet Sneakers, women’s Marfa Boots, and John Loafers are among his best works. 

Trek Comet Sneakers – This footwear is ideal if you want something to support your foot while you make your way from point A to B. 

It boasts elasticated leather on the back, neoprene lining, and calf leather inserts for a blissful experience

Marfa Boots – Inspired by rockers like Minkie DeVille, the beveled shape of the heel and the sharp cut of the leather-covered ankle elastic appeal to its less-is-more approach. 

You can also expect a luxurious blend of goatskin and suede leather around the ankle area.

John Loafers – This brand embraces the optimism of America in the 1950s, leaning toward a unique contrast that encompasses a thick, overflowing sole. 

They have leather soles, calf leather lining, and a monochrome black finish. 

8. K. Jacques

Jacques Keklikian and his wife Elise started  K.Jacques in 1933 when they opened a modest workshop. 

He was a talented craftsman who sold sandals with straps while his wife boosted his creativity with her couture input. 

K.Jacques specializes in creating sturdy and stylish sandals, very different from other French shoe brands. 

Their popular brands include women’s Stacked Heel Sandals, men’s Epure Collection, and children’s My First KJ.

ATHENAIS Stacked Heel Sandals – This elegant sandal consists of suede Moka leather straps that gently hug the top of your foot and keep it secure. 

Its heel measures 2 inches high, and the beautiful silhouette and colors mean it fits with just about any dress.   

Garnik H. Epure – The leathery straps of this sandal is Pul natural leather that’s breathable and comfortable for summertime. 

You can find them in brown or black leather to suit your fashion needs. 

Clemence, My First KJ –  You can find these beautiful kid’s sandals in natural leather or colored silver or white. 

They have a comfortable toe-thong style that won’t easily come off. As such, they’re stylish and comfortable footwear for summertime when kids want to move a lot. 

9. Ba&sh

Good friends Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief wanted to share their love and passion for clothing and fashion with other women, and so they created Ba&sh in 2003. 

Among their love for French shoe brands, Ba&sh created favorites like Canyon Boots, Veja Sneakers, and Mcarmine Sandales. 

Canyon Boots – These highly stylish ankle boots are 100 percent goat split leather. 

The heel is square-shaped, with extra padding, brilliant lace colors, and a leather strap for an attractive rock-grungy aesthetic. They’re perfect with jeans! 

Veja Sneakers – The Veja sneakers have eye-catching suede features with thick soles that make them perfect for outdoor activities. 

Thanks to its colors and geometric detail, it looks pleasing and fits well with jeans or a semi-formal look. Its construction consists of rice, sugarcane, and polyester. 

Mcarmine Sandales – The Mcarmine sandals come in a  beautiful hue of silver or gold with your favorite dress, straight-cut trousers, or skirt. 

You can expect an open front and heel with an embellished double strap that covers the ankle. It’s 100 percent goat leather and equally as much style and comfort. 

10. And JM Weston for him…

Édouard Blanchard founded J.M. Weston in Limoges, in 1891. 

The company is renowned for its French shoe brands for men, particularly its 180 mocassin penny loafer, Half-Hunt Derby, and the On My Way Sneaker. 

180 mocassin penny loafer – The practical design of this shoe allows you to slip in or out quickly for a comfortable blend of fashion. 

They come equipped with a Seagull strap and jointed apron, the Goodyear construction guarantees durability, and the outsole and heel contain Bastin & Fils leather. 

Half-Hunt Derby – Its apron seam makes it an excellent fit for almost any outfit. It has beautifully decorated geometric patterns and an ogive shape to exude classiness. 

You can expect natural color, calfskin lining, and a solid Goodyear construction. 

On My Way Sneaker – This lightweight sneaker boasts great flexibility with hits notched sole, paying tribute to J.M.’s outdoor heritage. 

It has calfskin lining, a welded construction, and luxurious comfort foam to help pad the sole for ultimate comfort. Lastly, the notched sole is notched to improve grip for all terrains.

More French Footwear Brands Worth Checking Out

Laurence Dacade – classy and comfortable shoes for women

Jacques & Déméter – premium shoes for your boyfriend, husband, or father!

Michel Vivien – favorite brand of Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol

Carel – founded by Rosa and Georges Carel, this brand has a classic shoe collection, the key to the French style

Final Words on the Best French Shoemakers

With so many fabulous French shoe brands to consider, you should get one for every season of the year! 

You’ll find sneakers, mocassins for every occasion, exquisitely-decorated sandals, and rocker boots – so be afraid to experiment and quench your thirst for that special purchase!

Enjoyed reading about these French shoe brands? Then share it with your girlfriends!

10 French Shoe Brands All It-Girls Are Wearing

1. Christian Louboutin

2. Roger Vivier

3. Jonak

4. Veja

5. Repetto

6. Bobbies

7. Pierre Hardy

8. K. Jacques

9. Ba&sh

10. JM Weston

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