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Paris in February: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do

There are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to Paris in February. 

It’s pretty quiet, and the city is still in the throes of winter, but that also comes with its own perks, beautiful scenery, winter charm, and seasonal events. 

If you’re searching for things to do in Paris in February, keep reading below for our list of adventures, classic French experiences, and tips for a perfect vacation! 

Eiffel tower on a winter day
Paris in February is chilly

Why You Must Visit Paris in February 

While Paris is always a good idea, it has a magic that makes it an experience of its own in February. 

Of course, the City of Love is a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day as it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world, but there’s plenty to do the rest of the month, too. 

The considerable surge that comes with Christmas and the New Year subsides by February.

During this month, smaller crowds are generally walking around, especially at major tourist attractions such as the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower. 

Of course, the museums are there year-round to wander in, and they will have shorter queues in February. 

While Paris in February might be generally quieter as it lives out the rest of the winter, there are still plenty of unique activities to do and some of the best festivals to visit. You just need to know where to look, and we’ve got you covered!

Pssst: If you’re still not sure when to go, here’s a handy guide on the best time to go to Paris by month and season.

Young blonde woman portrait sit in a typical coffee shop in the city writing on a notebook in Paris

Where to Stay in Paris in February

We know it’s not easy to look for a place to stay in Paris because the city is vast. For that reason, we decided to help you and give a hotel recommendation based on our personal preferences.

The Abbatial Saint Germain is a 3-star hotel in the Latin Quarter. Just a stone’s throw away from the Notre Dame Cathedral and Pantheon, you will be near many attractions and metro stations. (Perfect location!)

Even though the rooms are on the small side, they are pretty large for Paris. Still, rooms have a TV, minibar, free WiFi, and all amenities you would expect from a 3-star hotel. Besides, they are charming and beautifully decorated.

The cherry on the cake is the airport shuttle offered by the hotel that comes in handy if it’s freezing outside or you’re arriving in the middle of the night.

Paris Weather in February

Paris is still in the swing of winter in February, meaning lows of around 35°F and highs of about 46°F, making it one of the coldest months. You can expect about 8–10 days of sun and the remaining days being mostly cloudy. 

Some precipitation, most often rain, but you’ll maybe see some slushy snow, falls on about 14 days total. 

By the end of the month, you might experience increasingly milder days, with the average temperature reaching the mid-50°s. If you pack with this in mind, February in Paris weather will definitely be manageable. 

  • Minimum temperature: 35°F
  • Maximum temperature: 46°F
  • Average rainfall: 1.6 inches
  • Average sunshine hours: Roughly four hours
  • Wind chill: February is the windiest month of the year, making the apparent temperatures a bit lower.
View of Eiffel tower from a roof in Paris on a gray cloudy winter day

What to Wear in Paris in January

  • A raincoat or umbrella: the winter months in Paris tend to be pretty rainy, so consider bringing an umbrella or a stylish raincoat so you won’t be surprised by the weather. Try to buy something you can easily keep in your bag not to bother you.
  • A pair of boots: Rainboots or waterproof shoes are a must for the winter in Paris. Pair them with warm socks, and you’re good to go!
  • Gloves, scarves, and hats: These are the accessories you need to face the wind and the rainy mornings, especially if you’re coming from a very sunny place. Don’t forget to match the color and material of these different accessories for a very French look. Check out this beautiful scarf here!
  • Sweaters and coats: Dress in layers and wear a comfy sweater to protect yourself from the cold weather. Wanna shop in Paris? Know that stores offer a wide variety of clothing, so you’re bound to find a fashionable coat here (also, the winter sales end in February!).

What to Do in Paris in February

Here are a few things to do in Paris that are particularly interesting in February.

1. Take a Romantic Cruise On the Seine 

Seine River Cruise on a winter day

Here’s an excellent suggestion for any day (but especially Valentine’s Day): take a romantic cruise on the Seine, which flows right through the middle of Paris. 

There are a bunch of cruise operators to pick from, so it should be easy to fit into your itinerary, budget, and taste.

You can choose a boat where you can enjoy a gourmet dinner with French food, see lit up landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower at night, and enjoy a glass of champagne, or you can opt for a shorter daytime sightseeing cruise

In February in Paris, it’s best to choose a boat where you can sit by a window inside, especially on cooler days. 

A very common point of departure and return is Port de la Bourdonnais, near the Eiffel Tower.

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2. Warm Up With Afternoon Tea and Pastries 

Pastries on trays for an afternoon tea in Paris

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can always enjoy afternoon tea in Paris.

For instance, savor a pain au chocolat in one of the many cozy cafés in Paris. Some popular Paris cafés include Café de Flore, La Closerie des Lilas, Café Verlet, and La Palette. 

There’s no need to plan ahead—whenever you need a break from your itinerary or from the brisk February weather, you’ll easily be able to find a quintessential Parisian café no matter where you are in the city and refuel with a hot drink. 

3. Experience True French Crepes

French crepe with strawberry

You can’t not eat crepes while in France. While crepes have gained popularity and can be found worldwide, in Paris, you should absolutely try sweet or savory crepes (or both). 

You can find them anywhere, so this is perhaps the easiest thing to add to your Paris experience. 

In fact, there’s actually a holiday for this food in Paris in February! February 2nd is La Chadeleur, or “Crepes Day,” which you can celebrate with, you guessed it, eating lots of crepes. 

Although the holiday has Catholic origins and is actually a pretty superstitious celebration, you can still partake casually by ordering crepes at one of the many Paris restaurants or street carts. 

4. Spend a Day at Disneyland Paris 

Castle in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, with some planning ahead, is an excellent activity for everyone. Since there is less demand at this time of year, Disneyland Paris is cheaper than usual and sometimes even offers promotional discounts. 

People who’ve ventured into the theme park in February note that it was much more affordable and enjoyable as long as they packed some warm clothes. 

In February, you can avoid crowds that come with warmer months; however, you’ll want to bring layers in case of rain. 

Additionally, you’ll want to check the website to see if there are any maintenance closures for rides to avoid any hiccups. 

5. Take a French Cooking Class 

Cooking class in Paris
Obs70 /

Paris gastronomy is world-famous for a reason! You can learn the intricacies and traditions of French cooking by taking a cooking class for yourself. 

If you want to learn about the art of making macarons, crepes, quiche, baguettes, croissants, and many other French food treats, there’s a class for you.

Whether you’re looking for a complete beginner or a more advanced class, alone or with a group, there are many options to choose from with a wide range of prices. 

You can find classes in English and other languages in addition to French. These classes are offered in many locations all across Paris. 

6. Go to a Cabaret Show 

Moulin Rouge in Paris

Enjoy a night out with a classic live cabaret experience! Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, and Le Paradis Latin are just a few names in the cabaret space where you can warm up in Paris in February.

Typically tickets are around $80–$100+, which sometimes include dinner. You’ll truly feel transported into another time as you sit at an intimate table watching the performers dance in elaborate costumes. 

7. See the Sites on a Citroen 2CV Tour

Citroen 2CV driving in Montmartre, Paris
Go on a Citroen 2CV tour – olrat / Shutterstock

An alternative to an extensive bus tour or a walking marathon is to hop in a vintage Citroen 2CV car, an undeniably iconic French car.

Produced between 1948–1990, Citroen 2CV cars are often used for tours. 

You can choose between one- and two-hour tours. Depending on the tour you book, you’ll get to see the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Notre Dame, and the Champs Elysées, so make sure to bring along a camera! 

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8. Discover the Artistic District of Montmartre on a Self-Guided Tour

Romantic street in Montmartre Paris

Montmartre is historically known as an arts district—painters like Braque, Picasso, and Matisse inhabited the area, resulting in many iconic sites that are still around today. 

There are a lot of cobbled streets here, so make sure to wear good shoes! 

Although you can easily walk many routes in half an hour, it’s best to leave much longer so you can allow some time at the sites, such as Le Moulin de la Galette, Musée de Montmartre, the beautiful Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, and the many quaint alleys at every corner. 

If you need a break, stop into one of the classic cafés where poets and painters used to gather. 

Events in Paris in February

Here are some special events that take place in February.

1. Chinese New Year

  • When: February 10th, 2022

This large parade transforms the Avenue d’Ivry into a bright and joyful scene. Look forward to the giant dragon and lion heads, beautiful Chinese lanterns, lots of dancing, and firecrackers—sit down for a bite at one of the many nearby Chinese restaurants, as you’ll be in the biggest Chinatown in the city. 

2. Retromobile 

  • When: February 2–6th, 2022

Retromobile will take place in the prestigious hall in the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center. Wander in the vast space to see 1100 vehicles! You will see vintage cars, motorcycles, and even agricultural vehicles. This is a great family-friendly thing to do in Paris in February. 

Black car in Retromobile festival in Paris
Jaguar XK 120 Jabbekes world speed record-setting Prototype – LCO Photography / Shutterstock

3. Valentine’s Day Race 

  • When: February 12th, 2022

After a hiatus in 2021, Valentine’s Day Race is set to return in 2022! If you’re a runner, you could take part or simply watch the runners from the sidelines. The race was originally intended to celebrate all couples, so many people choose to run with their significant other. The race takes place in the Parc des buttes Chaumont. 

4. Thoiry Lumières Sauvages 

  • When: October 31st–March 6th, 2022

Thoiry Lumières Sauvages takes place in the Thoiry safari park. View hundreds of lantern sculptures at night and feel as if you are wandering through an enchanted forest! The sculptures are all animals, making this a fantastic option for families. Buy your tickets ahead of time so you can easily fit this event into your itinerary. 

5. Carnaval de Paris 

  • When: February 27th, 2022

Held since the 16th century, the Carnaval de Paris (and Mardi Gras) is a must-have experience if you find yourself in Paris in February. Grab a warm drink and watch a colorful parade full of epic costumes, giant floats, and joyful activity. 

Man in clown costume at traditional Carnival in Paris
Carnaval de Paris is annual event – Elena Dijour / Shutterstock

Things to Note When Traveling to Paris in February

Make sure to dress warm and with layers if you’re planning to be in Paris in February. Bring a coat, good gear for light rain, gloves, and scarf to make sure you’re prepared for the at times moody weather. 

Additionally, events like Carnaval de Paris and Valentine’s Day Race make for great things to do in Paris in February. Still, like all large-scale events, you’ll want to figure out logistics beforehand. Make sure you accommodate any delays and road closures as you plan your schedule. 

With some planning ahead, you’ll find plenty of ways to fill your time in Paris in February. From festivals, potential snow days, and getting cozy in the many charming Parisian restaurants, you’re in for a lovely time. 

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