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19 Best French Handbag Brands To Check Out

Whether you’re researching your next investment pieces or are just curious about the best French handbag brands, here’s a list of all the must-knows and -haves.

The thrill of shopping for a new French handbag is almost palpable, but which would you choose? 

Fashion should be exciting because it’s very much alive and evolving. Let’s delve into the roots of some of your favorite (or potentially favorite) French handbag brands! 

We’ll briefly introduce their roots, the individuals who brought you your branded bag, and some of the best handbags they offer!

You may find an exciting French handbag brand you didn’t know existed. Who knows.

19 Best French Handbag Brands To Check Out

Here are some of the best French handbag brands to help you achieve that je ne se quois people from Paris emanate. After all, Paris is famous for being the World’s Fashion Capital, isn’t it? Let’s get to it! 

1. Jacquemus

Founded in 2009, Jacquemus is a French fashion brand created by designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. 

The fashion brand is known for its minimalist and avant-garde designs and its unique use of patterns. 

Jacquemus has been worn by A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Kylie Jenner and has been featured in numerous fashion shows and publications. 

The most popular Jacquemus pieces include:

  • Le Panier Soleil Tote
  • Le Riviera Bag

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French fashion designer who saw women’s need to sport luxurious French handbags. 

He established the fashion house in 1854 and now sells his branded bags from France on a global scale. 

Among their exquisite collection of branded handbags from France are those that stand tall as iconic competitors, namely Louis Vuitton Speedy, Louis Vuitton Keepall, and Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Louis Vuitton Speedy – Louis Vuitton introduced the Speedy handbag in the 1930s when public transportation started to boom, and women required the versatility to carry their essentials without feeling overburdened. 

Louis Vuitton Keepall – This French handbag is the larger sibling to the Speedy, catering to those who wish to transport their travel accessories but don’t want to haul a travel bag or suitcase. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull – The Neverfull remains unparalleled in storage space, holding up to 200 lbs. Its everyday design comes in three sizes, making it ideal for getting things done on the go.

3. Dior

Christian Dior, one of the most famous French people of all time, founded the French fashion house on 16 December 1946. 

This brand has since expanded to sell luxury clothing, perfumes, and accessories worldwide. 

Dior sports several popular handbags, but buyers have taken a shine to a few, namely the Lady Bag, Dior Book Tote, and Saddle Bag. 

Lady Dior Bag – This famous French handbag got its name from Princess Diane of Wales. 

Its array of available colors and box shape makes it one of the most beloved accessory handbags. It ties gracefully to any style or aesthetic, whether accessorizing it with a sunflower dress or winter coat. 

Dior Book Tote – If you want something that is both comfortable, transportable, and looks great, this bag ticks all the boxes. 

Its aesthetic comprises colorful textiles and comes in various shapes and sizes to meet buyers’ needs for transporting books, etc. You can opt for a vertical or horizontal design to better suit your needs.

Saddle Bag – The inspiration for this French handbag came from Dior’s 2000 spring handbag collection and is available in various fabrics, colors, designs, and sizes. 

The bag is famous for its unique and distinguishable shape reminiscent of the side of a horse saddle, along with its stirrup-inspired signature D clip. 

4. Amèlie Pichard

Amèlie Pichard launched her first French handbag, titled ABAG, in 2012. 

Her passion for branded products led her to adopt a made-to-order philosophy to avoid waste and overproduction. 

It helps her establish her brand identity in a culture that ravenously seeks new products every season. 

Each of her handbags has the millennia-old expertise of crafts who wish to preserve their art. 

Each month, a small family-owned business in Portugal produces a limited number of handbags, fully hand-molded using a technique whereby they push a piece of leather against a structure. 

The magnetic mechanism allows the case-shaped bag to close in one sleek motion. 

Amèlie Pichard’s ABAG comes in exciting materials typically subject to material availability. You can expect classic and baby-size handbags in tortoise, eel, monogram, and natural. 

You can choose an exquisite color ranging from black, red, brown, and champagne, grained or non-grained.

5. Hermès

In 1828, Thierry Hermès’ German mother and French father emigrated to France. 

He established a business in 1837 and catered to the demands of European nobility for horse carriages by producing exquisitely crafted harnesses and bridles for the carriage industry. 

It wasn’t until 1922 that Émile-Maurice, one of Thierry Hermès’ grandchildren, became the sole head of the company and started making handbags. 

The Hermès Birkin, Hermès Constance, and Hermès Evelyne are among the most popular handbags. 

Hermès Birkin – This timeless French handbag gets its name from Jane Mallory Birkin, an English-French actress and singer. 

Jane met the Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas while on an Air France flight and expressed her interest in a branded bag from France that offered more versatility. 

Hermès Constance – This is an excellent option for an everyday handbag. It’s available in mini sizes and a rectangular shape called Elan

The mini sizes have one compartment, while you can choose a second one with the bigger sizes

Hermès Evelyne – Originating from equestrian roots, this handbag has impressive sturdiness and good breathability. 

You can find them in four generation types, each with different features and sizes to suit every buyer. 

This French handbag has a sporty vibe thanks to its roots while maintaining a luxurious feel and elegant appeal that makes it ideal if you want to take it out during the day or at night. 

6. Chanel

Coco Chanel founded the luxurious French fashion house in Paris in 1910. 

Coco Chanel became acquainted with Arthur Boy Capel, and he later financed her first independent millinery shop, Chanel Modes, located at 21 rue Cambon in Paris. 

Throughout the years, Coco Chanel expanded her fashion house to include other successful French fashion brands, like its No.5 perfume, clothes, and other luxury accessories. 

Her handbags are available in various colors and sizes and are suitable for every occasion. 

Chanel boasts a range of handbags and classic pieces. They have some of the highest-quality French luxury handbag brands, notably Chanel 2.55, Chanel Classic, and Chanel Boy. 

Chanel 2.55 – Coco Chanel created this iconic French designer handbag in February of 1955, which is where it gets the name 2.55. 

Its double-chain shoulder strap design made it a novelty for women who wanted free use of their hands. 

Chanel Boy –  The Chanel Boy, introduced in 2011, takes its name from Gabrielle Chanel’s first love, Boy Capel. Many admirers immediately fall in love with it because of its authentic rock ‘n roll influence. 

Chanel Classic – The Classic, also known as the 11.12, is a revamped version of the 2.55. 

The revised lock, which now sports the recognizable CC that we have grown to know and love, was the most noticeable change from the previous one.  

7. Givenchy

Designer Hubert de Givenchy established The house of Givenchy in 1952. 

It sells other luxury fashion items like perfumes, clothes, and cosmetics, and the company belongs to LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton). 

When you think of popular French handbags, Givenchy’s famous Pandora, Antigona, and Horizon Bag are some of the most beloved bags in France. 

Pandora – Pandora’s box-shaped design pays heed to the Greek mythological tale of the women who opened the box containing the world’s horrors – but in this case, all your necessary evils for battling the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Antigona – The Antigona has a big zip, triangular features, and adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit. 

If you love large amounts of space, you’ll experience true bliss with Antigona’s several interior pockets and departments for storage. 

Horizon Bag – The Horizon French handbag sports a less-is-more approach that combines the elegance and sophistication of clean lines to produce something truly spectacular. 

It’s ideal for career-driven women or a trip somewhere public where eyes can adore it! 

8. Goyard

Formerly Maison Martin, the Maison Goyard company, started as a French trunk and luxury leather goods maker in Paris in 1792 and was the official trunk and box maker for Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, The Duchess of Berry. 

These days, Goyard keeps a few of its products under wraps, especially the recognizable interlocking Chevron design on many Goyard bags. 

Nevertheless, their Anjou, Saigon, and Saint Louis French bag brands are iconic and a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Anjou – An Anjou handbag represents its trunk-making practices well with the vast amount of space available in this stylish handbag. 

A Chevroches Calfskin & Goyardine Canvas encompasses the bag, plus it has a lovely Goyardine Canvas inner-side finish for further durability. 

Saigon – The Sagon bag carries over all of its trunk-building signature codes, including the wood batons, leather corners, and trunk rivets, making it somewhat of a signature bag. 

Of course, this means you have vast amounts of space, too! 

Saint Louis – This French handbag is ideal for travel enthusiasts who want to look like a fashionable traveler while having an almost infinite amount of storage capacity! 

If you need to store smaller items, you can detach the matching patch for more minor things like make-up items for quick touch-ups. Plenty of luxurious colors are available, with eye-popping reds and elegant blacks. 

9. Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, along with his partner Pierre Bergé, started this luxury fashion house in 1962. 

Soon after, their radical safari jackets, thigh-high boots, and tight pants contributed to the beatnik fashion, which made their name more famous. 

Today, Yves Saint Laurent still draws inspiration from Chinese clothing, artists, and other pop culture figures. 

Their Loulou Bag, Le 5 à 7 Bag, and Sunset Bag are iconic YSL handbags that scream personality, elegance, and flexibility. 

Loulou Bag – Loulou handbags sport a classic flap style with various colors, sizes, and materials. Want something denim with a chain? You can get it here! 

This French handbag gets its classic elegance from its clean and trendy body shape. It allows you to pair it with your favorite dress, travel attire, or when you’re on your way to the office party! 

Le 5 à 7 Bag – This bag’s golden decorative buckle, adjustable features, and sleek design make it a favorite pick for many French women. 

This luxurious bag consists of supple leather carefully constructed in Italy. The embellished brand’s recognizable monogram plaque sits at the front in gold, supporting this bag’s beautifully curvaceous shape.  

Sunset Bag – The Sunset Bag boasts impressive durability despite its tiny appearance. In fact, it’s perfect for storing valuables like your mobile phone, purse, or electronics. If that’s not enough, it also contains extra front pockets if you need to fit a few more essentials. 

Its versatility means it works great any time of the day, and it’s available in a whopping 42 colors to narrow your preference exactly. 

10. Chloé

Gaby Aghion founded Chloé, the French luxury fashion house, in 1952. 

The year after, she partnered with Jacques Lenoir, who managed the business while giving her full reign to explore her creative ventures toward Chloé. 

Chloé has many exquisite handbag options, but the Chloé C Bag, Tess Bag, and Marcie Bag are among their most recognizable French handbags. However, See by Chloé, a sister label, has more options for a younger age group. 

Chloé C Bag – The normal and the tiny versions of the C Bag consists of a stylish blend of glossy and suede calfskin and include oval attachments. 

The long, detachable strap from the Chloé C allows for extended shoulder and cross-body wear, and the short, broad leather handle makes it easy to carry the little bag in your hand. 

Tess Bag – If you are looking for a small everyday bag that fits your essentials, this bag won’t disappoint. The bohemian style pairs well with your favorite trench coat or prairie-style attire. 

Marcie Bag – This bag is available in a double carry and mini version, each with superb functionality and luxurious quality. 

This iconic Marcie double carry bag is a roomy, practical day bag with hand-wrapped leather handles and crafty detail. The mini version is perfect for nights out and looks equally elegant all night. 

11. Longchamp

Jean Cassegrain founded Longchamp, a French leather goods company, in Paris in 1948. 

However, it was in 1971 that they introduced women’s handbags. Today, they design leather and canvas handbags, shoes, travel accessories, ready-to-wear women’s attire, and luggage.  

They are famous for their Le Pliage Bag, Mailbox, and Mademoiselle Longchamp handbags. 

Le Pliage Bag – There are multiple reasons why this French handbag remains a top-seller, even as far back as the nineties. 

For one, it’s pretty accessible for a designer brand and makes for one hell of a tote bag! It has a timeless aesthetic that makes it ideal for formal parties or informal visits to the city. 

Mailbox – The box-shaped silhouette of this bag points to romantic notions of receiving love letters and the fuzzy feelings associated with such bliss. 

It boasts twin top handles, a front compartment, and a nifty detachable shoulder strap. 

Mademoiselle Longchamp – This leather handbag takes a young-spirited approach with mademoiselle (a young woman) and comes equipped with a wide shoulder and detachable strap. 

You can also expect a generous amount of interior storage and a striking silver clasp that makes it ideal for friendly visits or short trips. 

12. Gérard Darel

Gerard and Daniel Darel started the company in 1971. It began as a family business but eventually evolved into an international company offering footwear, womenswear, and other accessories. 

Some of Gérard Darel’s most iconic handbags include their 24H Bags, The Lolita, and The Lady. 

24H Bag – This bag is a companion for 24 hours, from hitting the gym early and packing a water bottle or storing an iPad for reading when you pick up the kids from school. 

The supple leather material gives it a timeless yet casual appeal that works for formal and informal events. It also has a magnetic closing mechanism, an inside zip compartment, and two sturdy handles. 

The Lolita – The LOLITA boasts a soft monogram material perfect for everyday shopping. 

It also has an interior pocket for storing essential things like shopping lists, mobile phones, or other important papers. 

The Lady – The Lady has a unique patchwork in camel, amber, and henna suede shades, connected with a gorgeous zigzag stitch. 

It has regular handles, shoulder handles, a drop strap, and a neat inside flat pocket for extra storage. 

13. A.P.C.

Jean Touitou founded Atelier de Production et de Création (A.P.C.) in Paris 1987. Apart from owning a formidable handbag brand, they also have an exquisite ready-to-wear clothing brand.  

A.P.C. is bold regarding its clean and distinctive aesthetics, especially with its Demi-lune bags, Courtney Bags, and A.P.C. Tote Bag. 

Demi-lune bags – These magnificent bags are 100 percent leather and feel smooth to the touch, thanks to their vegetable-tanned properties. 

You can carry it on your shoulder or across your chest, and it has stunning gold rivets on either side to enhance its appeal. Finally, there’s a great interior pocket for extra storage. 

Courtney Bags – Courtney bags have a bucket shape with adjustable straps for carrying them on your shoulder or across your chest. 

It’s easy to close, thanks to two drawstrings on either side, and the bag’s interior has a reinforced suede lining. 

A.P.C. Tote Bag – The A.P.C. tote bag is up there with some of the best available. It consists of Japanese denim and a sizeable stitched hem at the top for added durability. 

You can opt to sling it over your shoulder or carry it by hand, and it has an interior pocket that suspends from the top hem. 

14. Sézane

Morgane Sézalory came upon an abandoned suitcase filled with vintage clothing. 

She started making adjustments and selling her creations under the name Les Composantes. It wasn’t until 2013 that Morgane committed to creating her brand, Sézane. 

Sézane is famous for its Clark Bag, Farrow Bag, and Gaby Bag. 

Clark Bag – The silky bi-material leather, crisp graphic lines, gorgeous jeweled handle, and gold clasp of this classic French handbag make this one popular among enthusiasts. 

The long chain is ideal for resting it over your shoulder while doing your errands, and it will remain timeless and a desirable collectible. 

Farrow Bag – The bucket shape of this handbag gives it a unique aesthetic while making it more customizable than most French handbag brands. 

You can opt for interior monogramming, whereby you’ll get hot stamping in gold on the bag’s interior. It has an adjustable leather handle, cotton lining, and a zippable inside pocket. 

Gaby Bag – You can expect a pleasant leather finish that is both visually and tangibly appealing.   

One of the primary functions of this handbag is to act as a shopping bag. It has a zipped interior socket, although the handles are not adjustable. 

15. Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno was birthed to an Italian father and a Danish mother while in France and experienced a strong fashion influence. 

At age 25, she started her own fashion business in Paris. Several years later, she designed the sequined Cabas Tote, which would subsequently serve as the company’s logo. 

While the company has several notable handbags, its Cabas Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, and Bucket bags are popular.

Cabas Tote Bags – You have a plethora of material options with this one, from Linen to Canvas, Tweed, Shearling, and Raffia. 

The bag is a heavy-duty cotton canvas with a feminine and playful aesthetic. Sizes range from XS to L, with large allowing you to store a laptop or large notebook. 

Messenger Bags – This handbag brand features an adjustable strap for shoulder carrying. You can also expect a pocket with a zip on the interior and a pocket on the bag’s exterior.  

Bucket bags – This bucket bag comes in the regular or mini size and has two removable handles for carrying it over your shoulder or across your torso. 

The larger size has two inside patch pockets for maximizing storage space and a zipped pouch attached to the bag. The bag is easy to close, thanks to its magnetic feature.  

16. Céline

Céline Vipiana founded these luxury goods and ready-to-wear companies in 1945. 

However, LVMH acquired the company in 1996, removing the accent from the Céline branding and capitalizing all the letters as CELINE. 

Celine’s Luggage Bag, Phantom Bag, and Classic Bag are among its most sought-after handbags. 

Luggage Bag – Handbags that offer a substantial amount of space are often a hit, and this Luggage Bag sold out almost immediately. 

This bag features a front zip pocket, adjustable sides, and an appealing silhouette. There are options for a regular size and scaling down to a mini luggage bag. 

Phantom Bag – The Phantom bag consists of supple grained calfskin body, straps, and handles for sturdiness and a signature feel. They come in different sizes and colors to suit your fashion needs. 

Classic Bag – The contemporary colors of this bag make it ideal for formal and informal events or meeting up with someone at a public venue. 

It has a brilliant lamb skin lining, an interior zip pocket, and a double flat pocket. You can also enjoy excellent flexibility thanks to its removable and adjustable straps. 

17. Le Tanneur

When Bonnardel, a leather craftsman with a vision, and  Mr. Bonnex, a skillful tanner, joined forces in 1898, Le Tanneur was the result. 

Their leather innovations paved the way for a very fruitful career for them both. 

Le Tanneur’s expertise produced masterpieces like their Sabrina handbags, Juliette bags, and Romy handbags. 

Sabrina handbags – These sold out within the first twenty-four hours of their release, and it’s not hard to see why. 

They have ample space due to their flat front and central and back zipped pockets. You can also enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to their adjustable and detachable straps. 

Juliette bags – This handbag sports a charming silver T to add a healthy dose of elegance. 

Its straps are durable and allow you to wear it over your shoulder, across your torso, or carry it in your hand. There is one flat pocket in the front and back, a back pocket, and adjustable and detachable straps. 

Romy handbags – Romy incorporates a game of cuts that is both contemporary and feminine while utilizing fundamental leather formats. It features rounded sides and excellent usability for daily usage. 

18. Louvreuse

Victoire de Villiers founded Louvreuse in 2016, thanks to her heartfelt passion for art and fashion.

Louvreuse designs three distinctive bag silhouettes: Rectangular, Pyramid, and Olga Bucket Bags. 

Rectangular Bags – This piece is timeless and feminine and comes in varying sizes. You can opt to carry it over your shoulder or by hand, making it ideal for shopping trips or grabbing a drink with friends.

They close with zippers, consist of full-grain cow leather, and have a cotton lining. 

Pyramid Bags – This playful design allows you to store your secrets, like keys, cards, and favorite lipstick. 

It has a beautiful brass chain for slinging over your shoulder when you’re on the move and comes in exciting colors like chocolate and beige. 

Olga Bucket Bags – Olga includes a small handle for a stylish hand carry and a retractable chain so you can sling it over your shoulder for more mobility. 

This exquisite French handbag has a lamb leather lining and golden accessories with a tinge of brass elegance.  

19. Polène

Parisian leather products company Polène found its roots in  2016 due to two brothers and a sister. Designers like Madam Grès, Mariano Fortuny, and Madeleine Vionnet inspired them. 

Polène is no stranger to high-quality handbag brands, designing contenders like Numero Un, Numero Un Mini, and Numero Un Nano. 

Numero Un – This bag is one of the signature bags from Polène, consisting of full-grain cow leather. You can expect a two-way zipper, 100 percent cotton twill lining, and adjustable shoulder straps. 

The other variations – Numero Un Mini and Numero Un Nano have the same composition but different silhouettes to match the occasion. 

Final Words on French Handbags

When you find yourself in the market for a new French handbag, it’s good to know you won’t be limited by choice – whether you’re shopping online or in Paris. 

Consider functionality, aesthetic appeal, and investment; if they line up, you’re good to go!

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19 Best French Handbag Brands To Check Out

  1. Jacquemus
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Dior
  4. Amèlie Pichard
  5. Hermès
  6. Chanel
  7. Givenchy
  8. Goyard
  9. Saint Laurent
  10. Chloé
  11. Longchamp
  12. Gérard Darel
  13. A.P.C.
  14. Sézane
  15. Vanessa Bruno
  16. Céline
  17. Le Tanneur
  18. Louvreuse
  19. Polène

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