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14 Most Beautiful Parks And Gardens In Paris

With over 400 parks and gardens in Paris, you have more than enough green spaces to relax and picnic in the French capital.

It’s not a secret that tourists and locals alike love spending time at the parks in Paris, especially in the summer. These places come to life, bringing a fantastic vibe with them.

So, if you’re looking for beautiful Parisian parks and gardens to relax and with fun, then you’re in luck!

You’ll come to find that in this guide to the best gardens and parks in Paris that they contain everything from play parks to fishponds to impressive sculptures, so you’ll find lots to do! Let’s get to them!

The Most Beautiful Gardens and Parks in Paris

1. Tuileries Garden (Jardin Des Tuileries)

Tuileries garden near the Louvre Museum at springtime
Louvre Museum seen from the Tuileries Garden in Paris – goga18128 / Shutterstock

Those who’d like to admire the beauty of nature during their walking trips between museums should head over to Jardin des Tuileries! 

It’s also one of the oldest public parks in Paris, opened in the 16th century and was redesigned by the architect André Le Nôtre.

Also, it occasionally hosts a carnival in the summer during the Fête des Tuileries.

The gardens feature a central walkway with differently shaped ponds, graveled pathways, and terraces dotted alongside. 

Here you can sit down and look at the beauty of the exquisite gardening or one of the many statues that are copies of both modern and classical artworks.

This Paris park is located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, right next to the Seine River, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Paris.

Jardin des Tuileries park is a beautiful and convenient shortcut that will surely keep you awestruck during your 15-minute walk between the museums!

2. Parc Floral de Paris

Parc Floral de Paris in the Bois de Vincennes
Parc Floral de Paris in the Bois de Vincennes – UlyssePixel / Shutterstock

Want to stop and smell the flowers? Then the Parc Floral de Paris is really for you! 

With beautiful flower arrangements alongside children’s play areas and a Paris-themed minigolf course, the park is great for socializing, relaxing, walking, or just taking in the scenery.

The park features over 30 hectares of over 3,000 species of seasonal plants and flowers that make up four unique landscape spaces. 

It features a tastefully decorated pond alongside a venue that regularly holds the free concert or festivals, often for free, that is, with the occasional geese roaming about!

You can find the park situated in Paris’s 12th arrondissement on Route de la Pyramide across the Parc Municipal des Sports. It is in the centre of Bois de Vincennes and sits nearby the Château de Vincennes.

3. Jardin Des Serres d’Auteuil

Jardin Des Serres d'Auteuil is one of the prettiest parks in Paris
Jardin Des Serres d’Auteuil is one of the prettiest parks in Paris

On the chance that it rains in Paris, then you should pay a visit to the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil. 

It hosts lovely warm glasshouses filled with greenery. It also has a pretty fishpond filled with Japanese Carp that small children will surely enjoy!

The Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil has one of the most unique assortments of plants, trees, and flowers of any of the multitude of gardens in Paris. 

The glass and metal greenhouse is host to scores of orchids, roses, peace lilies, cacti, delicious monsters, ferns, begonias, and palm trees, complete with a walkway.

The public garden is situated in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, whereby you can access the entrance where Avenue de la Porte d’Auteuil and Boulevard Périphérique intersect. It also sits opposite the Boutique Roland-Garros on Avenue Gordon Bennett.

4. Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin Du Luxembourg)

The Luxembourg Gardens are among the most beautiful gardens in Paris
The Luxembourg Gardens are among the most beautiful gardens in Paris

Suppose you’d like to take a trip through time back into the Renaissance. Then visit the Jardin du Luxembourg, whose construction was ordered by Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. 

Or you can snap a selfie amongst the trees, especially during autumn, or for those with kids, visit the ponds to sail model boats.

The garden features a French and an English garden, a vast amount of neatly trimmed hedges, tree-lined pathways, and a large pond with a water fountain surrounded by benches overlooking the Eiffel Tower. 

Statues of many famous, historical French figures such as Queens also can be found on the upper terrace.

You can find the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement opposite the Place du Panthéon situated on Boulevard Saint-Michel. 

From there, it’s only a seven-minute walk to the park. Alternatively, you can find it across from BoBoQ Bubble Tea, where you can pick up a delicious drink for your walk!

5. Parc De Bagatelle

Parc de Bagatelle, Paris

Now, if you want to walk in one of the most romantic parks in Paris, then pay a visit to the Parc de Bagatelle! 

This spot has a huge variety of plants and flowers in its gardens, complete with lovely water features and synthetic caves. A stroll here is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Paris.

There are also classical music concerts and exhibitions during the Parisian summer.

The park is neatly laid out with large, paved walkways that are accompanied by large topiary bushes. It’s completed with a 19th-century Chinese Pagoda and a rose garden with over 1200 species! 

You can also marvel at the bridges, artificial caves, and waterfalls that add to its extravagant atmosphere.

Parc de Bagatelle is located in the western part of Paris in the center of Bois de Boulogne. 

You can access it through one of the many entrances on Route de Sèvres À Neuilly or through Route du Champ d’Entraînement.

6. Parc Monceau

Magnolia blooming in Parc Monceau, Paris

Built in the 18th century, the Parc Monceau exudes the perfect sense of calm and beauty reminiscent of a Monet painting. 

So, naturally, it’s perfect for holding a quiet picnic, taking a selfie, relaxing by the water, or just strolling through the many follies, which are decorative buildings and sculptures.

The park’s follies are its main highlight as well as an Egyptian pyramid and sarcophagi, a Chinese Pagoda, ancient Corinthian-style columns, along with a Venetian bridge. 

These sights are surrounded by oodles of natural beauty created by the flower beds, reeds, trees, and ferns that line the walkways and ponds.

Parc Monceau can be found in the 8th arrondissement of Paris on 35 boulevard de Courcelles near the Monceau Metro.

7. Coulée Verte René-Dumont

Coulee Verte Rene-Dumont Park in Paris

This green promenade comprises multiple gardens and parks in Paris and allows you to walk between various shops and recreational areas. 

You can also catch amazing views of both modern and old architectural spaces in this part of Paris while taking stops to relax in the plentiful shade.

Stretching for 2.7 miles, the Coulée Verte René-Dumont begins in Bastille and ends in the Bois de Vincennes through a series of tunnels and walkways. 

You can find a variety of flowers, plants, and trees, including Hazelnut and Lime trees, lavender, and roses.

One can find the Coulée Verte René-Dumont in the 12th arrondissement starting at the back of the Bastille Opera house on Avenue Daumesnil.

8. Parc De La Villette

La Geode in the Parc de la Villette
La Geode in the Parc de la Villette – Christian Mueller / Shutterstock

Of course, no list of Paris’s best parks and gardens would be complete without mentioning the Parc de La Villette, which features a kid’s play area, museums, live shows, and theatres. It’s truly a park where you can be entertained!

This one is unlike the other parks in Paris, as you can find over 50 hectares of the coolest and most innovative architecture seen in the gigantic and fantastically spherical Géode cinema. 

It also features gardens with fun themes, such as Jardin du Dragon (the Dragon Garden).

The park is located in the North-Easternmost of Paris in the 19th arrondissement. It’s nestled against the Boulevard Périphérique across the Sports center Jules Ladoumègue.

9. Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

A family with one child and on runner dressed in orange in Buttes Chaumont Park
Buttes Chaumont Park – Dan Tiego / Shutterstock

For a lovely place to relax in a green space or explore romantic-style gardens, try the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, one of the most loved Paris gardens! 

You can also relax by the artificial lake or climb one of the many high points scattered throughout.

No wonder this local favorite spot is one of the prettiest Paris parks with its vine-covered artificial grottoes, suspended bridge, and greenery covering every available inch. 

The “Temple of Sybille” sits atop one of the high points overlooking the lake and its many visitors.

The park is found between the 19th and 20th arrondissement and has many entrances, but we’d suggest the easiest entrance for those traveling around the city, which is by line 7bis of Buttes-Chaumont metro station.

10. Parc André Citroën

Hot air balloon at Parc André Citroën, a park in Paris
Hot air balloon at Parc André Citroën – Henri0711 / Shutterstock

This one is a little different, in a good way! At Parc André Citroën, you can take a helium balloon ride with amazing views, stroll through the postmodernist water features, explore themed gardens with added sounds or buy a snack at one of the many food trucks that pop up here and there.

The park, one of the most stunning parks in Paris, features a large, neatly organized lawn with topiary bushes, computerized water features, a glass and steel house, and steppingstones. 

It also comes with a well-sized wilderness that you can explore.

If you’re wondering how to access the park, you can find it situated on Rue Ballard, directly lying opposite the Defense Conseil International.

11. Jardin Des Plantes

Cherry blossom tree in Jardin des Plantes in Paris in the Spring

Are you interested in botany and medicinal herbs? Then check out the Jardin des Plantes, which started in the 17th century as a royal botanical garden! 

You can also check out the glasshouses that feature a wide array of topics from botany to geology or pose in front of the statues of historical figures.

The garden features huge mazes of bushes and trees that align with the open space created by the five perspective squares that guide the viewer’s eye along the garden. 

The walkway is lined with bright flowers, including rose and jasmine, that are replanted twice a year.

Jardin des Plantes is only a one-minute walk from the Natural History Museum and is located in the 5th arrondissement.

12. Parc Du Champ De Mars

Eiffel Tower in front of flowers during spring in Paris

Are you heading off to the magnificent Eiffel Tower and want a few more photos or a place to rest? 

Well, then head on over to the Parc du Champ de Mars! Here you can also pick up a snack from nearby food trucks, buy a souvenir or rest on one of the many provided benches as you feed the birds.

The Parc du Champ de Mars is one of the most popular Paris parks with its many tree-lined avenues, trimmed hedges, and the world-famous Eiffel Tower looms above it. 

The antique-style lamps and signposts also give the Parc du Champ de Mars a romantic vibe that is hard to ignore!

You can find the park facing the Eiffel Tower to its North-West in the 7th arrondissement.

13. Bois De Boulogne

Trees at Bois de Boulogne Park, Paris
Trees at Bois de Boulogne Park

Looking for a place to picnic, walk around in nature, or soak up the sun? 

Well, then try the Bois de Boulogne, a 19th-century park where you can also visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton, a modern art museum, or the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a child amusement park which is only a 2-minute walk away!

The Bois de Boulogne, much like its neighbors, is one of the most locally frequented parks in Paris. 

This is because it consists of over 2,000 acres of manicured lawns, walking paths, caves, and four artificial lakes. It’s also home to over 200,000 trees and two artificial islands.

You can find the Bois de Boulogne in the most Western edge of Paris’s 16th arrondissement. 

The easiest way to access Bois de Boulogne is by using the Porte d’Auteuil, the 10th metro line, or through the second metro line of Porte Dauphine station.

14. Parc Clichy-Batignolles – Martin-Luther-King

Clichy-Batignolles - Martin Luther King park in Paris

Whether it’s a jogging space you’re after, a vibrant green space to retire in for the day, or catch a snack, the Parc Clichy-Batignolles-Martin Luther King really has it all! 

Here you can also run around in the water features in the summertime or relax on the public benches and chairs shaded by the many trees.

The park features paved walking paths, trees, flower bushes, and a few ponds complete with water lilies and reeds. 

It also has an interesting chrome metal sculpture that many take photos in front of, a kids’ play area, skating ramps, a football and basketball court, and public toilets.

The park is situated in the 17th arrondissement of Paris on 147 Rue Cardinet, facing opposite the ibis Paris 17 Clichy-Batignolles.

Final Thoughts on Parisian Parks and Gardens

If you’ve read through this entire post, you should’ve hopefully added a few of these locations to your Paris itinerary, as the greener parts of Paris shouldn’t be missed!

Still, if you don’t have an itinerary yet, you might want to check out our guides: one day in Paris, 2 days in Paris, 3 days in Paris, 4 days in Paris, and 5 days in Paris.

Happy travels!

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