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Paris in August: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do

Summer in Paris is a swooping affair that should be considered as August brings international life to the city and will be a mesmerizing trip, unlike any other month.

We hope to entice you into choosing this one-of-a-kind month to plan your trip to the City of Light

However, we won’t have to work hard since there are so many things to do in Paris in August. Our post lists why we think you should choose August as your Parisian vacation escape and also offers some alluring itinerary suggestions.

Below we delve into why you should visit, the type of weather you should expect to encounter in Paris in August, wardrobe essentials, events, and things to do in Paris in August. Also, we note things that sometimes deter people from traveling to the city this month.

Pssst: If you’re still not sure when to go, here’s a handy guide on the best time to go to Paris by month and season.

View on Avenue des Champs Elysees from Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Why You Must Visit Paris In August

Visiting Paris in August is one of the best holiday experiences because of the pleasant weather and many outside events. The days are longer, the scorching summer sun begins to mellow out, and outside festivals flourish. 

The lovely ambiance of atmosphere and mood shows Paris in a uniquely inviting light. There are plenty of open-air film festivals, outside music shows, and fun performances under the bedazzled clear night sky.

Paris in August also transforms the city, with some areas seemingly turning back the clock to times before the hustle and bustle that takes over the city most of the year. The traffic gives way to pedestrians as tourists take to walking and biking.

Louvre pyramid
Ilona Ignatova / Shutterstock

Where To Stay In Paris In August

Although Parisians empty in August, tourists populate the streets and the best accommodations. Finding where to stay close to the heart of the City of Light with its nose in the action is difficult but not impossible.

The COQ Hotel Paris quickly ascends to be among the best options available. The hotel offers all the essential facilities from courteous and helpful staff to accessibility for people with disabilities. There’s free WIFI and good wine.

The 24-hour reception, bar, and concierge service don’t hurt its standing at a competitively affordable price. There are options for sleeping arrangements for most of the rooms.

The rooms come equipped with air-conditioning units for people who can’t bear the humidity. There’s an entertainment unit in the rooms, and what does it for us is the safety deposit box in each room. It greatly eases the nerves to know that all your valuables are safe while you meander about.

Like many other hotels that are minutes away from a metro station that leads directly to the Eiffel Tower and some quality restaurants, rooms sell fast. 

Paris Weather In August

Paris in August has homely weather with constant averages that aren’t too hot or too cold. The weather is forecasted to have steady day highs sitting in mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The night lows also don’t dip too far below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lowest predicted night low of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is Paris in the summer, and the forecasted 27-days of partly clear to clear skies reflect just that. Like with most years, there isn’t much rain predicated during an August trip to Paris, more so in the last half of the month.

AccuWeather predicts that although the first couple of days in August will come in on some thundershowers and an overcast parade—it will not last past that.

Weather Atlas states that Paris in August is among the least humid months. The month enjoys an average humidity measure of around 68% compared to the high average humidity of being in the 80 percentile of the other months. 

  • Minimum temperature: 56°F
  • Maximum temperature: 73°F
  • Average rainfall: 1.4 inches
  • Average sunshine hours: Roughly 9.3 hours 
Tourist girl staring at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

What To Wear In Paris In August

Your Paris wear should reflect the city’s elegant fashion and should also be appropriate for what the weather of Paris in August has to offer your glowing cheeks.

  • Stylish but comfortable flats: Expect lots of standing and walking during your stay, and many of the iconic streets are made from cobblestone. You don’t want shoes to trip you up, so invest in good flats.
  • Mini windproof umbrella: Paris in August can sometimes surprise you with a puffing shower or two, and you should be prepared but not log around with a cumbersome umbrella
  • Neck wallet or travel pouch: There are some hustling pickpockets, so you always want your valuables in view. Thrift these travel pouches if you want something a little more fashion-forward.
  • Backpack: If you can, grab yourself one of those anti-theft backpacks and have your other daily essentials like sunscreen, portable phone charger, flexible tripod, water bottle, and scarf for the winds.
  • Summer wear: Get yourself a chic summer dress, bikini, and some Birkenstock sandal situation.

What To Do In Paris In August

Paris in the summer offers flavor to activities that you can’t experience during any other season. The Parisian sun’s brighter, the waters more inviting, and the dishes more scintillating.

Some of these events are summer-only shows, so fully immerse yourself in these happenings.

1. Wine And Dine Down The Seine River

Seine River cruise in front of Eiffel Tower
Enjoying the summer in a Seine River cruise – frantic00 / Shutterstock

With the lovely weather, taking an hour seine river cruise is necessary for the whole Paris in August experience.

You journey under the old Parisian bridges as you take in the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and all the best landmarks from a unique vantage point.

Highly reviewed services like the ParisCityVision are super-duper affordable and offer complementary services. You can enjoy the festive lull of holiday chatter while you float down the river Seine. 

Their cruise offers an authentic 3-course French meal over a relaxing 2-hour sail.

Click here to book your cruise

2. Saunter Through Montmartre

Romantic street in Montmartre Paris

Montmartre looks like a Parisian dream, with walls adorned with art around every corner.

These streets once had some very influential 20th-century artists walking over them. There are museums and some quintessential architecture to enjoy.

The picturesque village façade offers some fragrant wine, authentic French titbits, distinctive cabaret shows, and other historical musings. This painter’s neighborhood sits tall on the 18th arrondissement.

3. Take In The Parisian Sun At Jardin du Luxembourg

Empty chairs and table at Luxembourg Garden

Bring your sunscreen, picnic towel, and your other sunbathing friendlies. This popular park has many activities to offer for the entire family. There are puppet shows, a museum, and greenery beyond words.

Steeped in history and garden diversity, we’ll say no more. You’ll find this piece of Eden on the 6th arrondissement.

4. Marvel At The Palace Of Versailles’ Fountain Night Show

Fireworks show at Chateau de Versailles Fountain
Fireworks show at Chateau de Versailles Fountain – VAlekStudio / Shutterstock

Each Saturday night, the skies above the Palace of Versailles enrapture with fairytale-like life.

A royal welcome and tour of the estate loosen you up to be swept off your feet by a multicolored laser display, enchanting music, and firework display to close the starry night. 

This activity has all the action to captivate both adults and children. You’ll find this summer spectacle at the Château de Versailles, and the admittance fee is a steal.

5. Kick Back And Chill At La Villette Open Air Cinema

Even if you aren’t a lover of films, sprawling on the luscious lawns of the Parc de la Villette and enjoying screening some cult classics and new and old French and international films will do you in the sweetest of ways.

The Cinéma En Plein Air has no dubbed films, and any screened French films have subtitles.

Admittance is wholly free, and you can hire lawn chairs or towels on site. Nestled up in the 19th district in the northeast of Paris is your remedy for Netflix and chill.

6. Stretch Your Legs And Explore Le Marais

Cozy street with tables of cafe in Les Marais, Paris

Meandering through the Le Marais cobbled streets is a highlight for many tourists. The mazing streets are positively brimming with a perfect blend of cosmopolitan flair and some old-fashion Parisian mansions and restaurants.

An August wandering in this neighborhood tucked neatly in the glamorous Parisian 4th arrondissement will be one for the books.

Events In Paris In August

The airwaves of Paris are abuzz with saxophone vibrations and Cello vacillations.

There are more concerts, festivals, and jubilee to make content even the most restless of hearts. These are some of the must-see festivals livening Paris in August 2022.

1. Classique Au Vert

  • When: Throughout August

An outdoor classical music festival that takes you on a trip. There is a range of classical shows for all tastes. Paris Floral Park transforms into a musical extravaganza as talented artists play their hearts out.

2. Rock En Seine

  • When: August 25th to August 30th

The Domaine National De Saint-Cloud gets taken over by some of the world’s most incredible rock bands. This family-friendly festival also highlights up-and-coming rockers and is well worth the short trip just outside Paris.

Crowd in a concert at Rock En Seine Festival
Rock En Seine Festival – Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

3. Music Festival On The Terrace

  • When: Throughout August

This summer music festival is the solution for the people who aren’t much into rock. Every Thursday, the Bercy Village terraces are lit up with beautiful resonance from many excellent bands spanning a broad genre of music.

4. Les Pestacles

  • When: Throughout August

Unlike its name, this eclectic festival brings to stage some unique puppet shows and musicals for kids. However, it is still fun for the whole family and gives the Delta Stage of Floral Park some gleeful wonder.

5. Silhouette Festival

  • When: Throughout August

The 19th district in Paris hosts stirring and provoking short films from many filmmakers. The exhibit welcomes thousands of spectators for free; a truer spectacle from unknown minds is yet to overshadow this event.

6. Festival Of Ganesh Chaturthi

  • When: August 28th

Paris 18th district erupts with religious revelry as devoted processions pepper the Parisian streets.

The Ganesa temple of Paris invites all to this colorful celebration of the God of New Beginnings as the La Chapelle neighborhood is blessed with Ganesh Chaturthi and his brother Murugan’s statues.

7. La Chaise Et L’Écran

  • When: Throughout August and ends on August 30th 

The Chair and the Screen is another film festival that takes over the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This quirky open-air cinema happens all over the borough as it moves from place to place, like pop-up art and screens in some unlikely places.

Hand holding French flag on blue sky background

8. Jazz À La Villette

  • When: August 1st to August 12th 

This jazz music festival is wonderfully enthralling. It brings together the history of jazz, modern jazz, and the inventive future of the music form in a well-wrapped present with a cherry bow on top.

Beautiful artists like Jacob Banks will take your heart and stage this year and transport you to a silky Nirvana. A must-see!

9. Tréteaux Nomades

  • When: Throughout August

The Montmartre Arena’s traveling festival is an explosion of theatre. Bringing to stage burlesque, musicals, poetic theatre, and much more is a festival that will perfectly satisfy the entire family.

Different companies of theatres are invited with a single briefing: entertain, engage, educate, challenge, and transport a diverse audience. Held under the summer sky, more theatre should not be missed in Paris and the Île-de-France region.

Things To Note When Traveling To Paris In August

Although choosing to visit Paris in August will most likely be some of the best vacation memories, some things might damper your enjoyment if you go in unaware.

August is one of the summer months that attracts the most tourists. The City of Light, a Parisian nickname, might be eased from traffic, but it becomes flooded with curious international visitors. The lines to visit famous attractions become magnets and can have unsightly queues.

Although now less pronounced, the periodic influx of tourists is known to drive out a large population of the locals as the crowds become almost unbearable for them. Some restaurants are also known to close during this month.

Pickpocketing and scams might pick up because criminal opportunists have a much broader sample of victims, increasing their chances of success.

Some people that are maybe used to visiting in the spring also note that the month can be unbearable with all the high-temperature days and the humidity, especially as hotels and accommodations with air conditioning units get booked extremely fast.

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