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Paris in the Summer: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do

Many people say Paris in the summer is a MUST have experience.

And perhaps it is the best time to visit, not only because it’s when there’s nice weather, but it’s also one of the seasons with the busiest social calendar!

The city comes to life in the summer; there’s no sign of winter anymore, the gardens are in full bloom, and there is a lot to do outdoors.

So if you decide to visit Paris in the summertime, you should keep reading.

Eiffel Tower during sunset

Pros and Cons of Visiting Paris in the Summer

There’s always a downside to things like everything good in life, and even Paris is no exception.

But good things first!

The city is jam-packed with incredible summer festivals, most of which are free to attend. Besides, the weather is terrific, and there is no better season to enjoy the outdoors than the summer, is there?

Visiting cafés, terraces, the Parisian rooftops, rooftop restaurants, open-air cinemas, and parks becomes far more enjoyable, and the season screams picnic and ice creams!

On the downside, this time of the year can get more expensive when it comes to hotel fees; although you can save some money if you book your accommodation well in advance.

This way you can pick the hotel you want, instead of booking the ones left, which tend to be pricier. Been there, done that.

Not to mention this beautiful city gets full of tourists—literally. Parisians tend to leave the city during their annual summer vacations.

Crowds are an issue for those visiting Paris in the summer, but in this article, we will give you lots of tips on avoiding them!

Pssst: If you’re still not sure when to go, here’s a helpful guide on the best time to visit Paris by month and season.

Where to Stay in Paris in the Summer

Here are a few hotels in Paris we recommend for summer stays. While you can always stay in the neighborhoods further away, we prefer to stay close to the action because metros don’t always have air conditioning, and depending on the time, they might be full of commuters.

The Hôtel Le Beaugency is only 0.6 miles from the Eiffel Tower! The hotel is between Les Invalides and Champ de Mars, so it’s fair to say there is no better place to stay if the location is crucial for you. Rooms are practical, not fancy. They feature a minibar, a TV, safe, air conditioning, and free WiFi. Click here to check availability.

On the other hand, the Grand Hotel des Balcons is located in the stylish Saint-Germain district. The neighborhood is safe, and you’ll be just 215 yards away front he Luxembourg Gardens. The hotel is beautifully decorated in Art Nouveau style, and the rooms are very nice but have a clean design. It’s your home away from home. Click here to check availability.

Romantic street in Montmartre Paris

Already know the month you’re visiting the city? Then check out our monthly guides for:

Paris Weather in the Summer

When it comes to the weather this time of the year, you can expect average summer temperatures from 56°F to 78.8°F. 

However, it can reach 86°F for a few days, making it unpleasant to wander on the streets. These days are more likely to happen in July—the so-called canicule or heatwaves.

And even when these temperatures may not seem too high, humidity makes the city feel a lot warmer.

Also, when the temperature goes up very abruptly, it is usually followed by some heavy rain in Paris in July and August, so it’s best to bring a raincoat.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Paris in the summer has enjoyable warm weather if that’s your jam!

What to Pack for Paris in the Summer

When packing for Paris, you’ll want to bring capsule wardrobe items in neutral colors, preferably, so you don’t overpack and have some space left for things you buy in Paris itself.

Here are some items we recommend packing:

  • Light blazer: although it is warm outside, it might be chilly when you enter a museum or restaurant, so a light blazer comes in handy. Besides, you’ll definitely want to bring one if you’re visiting a rooftop bar.
  • Summer dresses: dresses are a must to endure hot summer days in Paris. However, consider its length if you’re planning on visiting a church in the city.
  • Sunglasses: a must-have item that adds up to your stylish outfit and protects your eyes at the same time!
  • Comfortable shoes: Paris is a vast city, so chances are, you’ll walk a lot. Bring a pair of beautiful white sneakers or comfortable flats for walking the cobblestone streets. Also, bring a nice pair of shoes to experience the nightlife.
  • Backpack purse to carry your wallet and reusable bottle! (You need to stay hydrated!)
Young stylish woman walking the street with Eiffel Tower on the background in Paris

Tips for Enjoying Summer in Paris

Here are some field-tested tips to make the most out of your summer trip to Paris.

Plan ahead! When planning a trip to Paris, write down the places you want to visit and buy skip-the-line or timed-entrance tickets. For a city like Paris, saying these kinds of tickets are a must is an understatement. They will save you precious time in the most popular attractions. Here are some tickets:

Wake up early! The early bird catches the worm, and if you’re visiting a place without skip-the-line tickets, you will want to get there as soon as it opens. Still, there is a chance you’ll come across many tourists.

Dress lightly! Pack a practical capsule wardrobe with basic items and comfortable shoes. It can get quite warm in the summer, and chances are, you’ll walk a lot, so it’s best to be prepared.

Consider the Paris Pass! Honestly, don’t underestimate how valuable a Paris Pass can be, especially in the summer. It might save you money, depending on your itinerary, as it includes entrance to many attractions in the city as well as a metro card.

What to Do in Paris in the Summer

1. Cruise the Seine River

Seine River cruise in front of Eiffel Tower
Enjoying the summer in a Seine River cruise – frantic00 / Shutterstock

Admiring and learning about the City of Love while relaxing on a cruise in the Seine River is a fantastic experience that you will not regret.

Not only will you learn about some historical places but you’ll see Paris from a different perspective.

During this 1-hour cruise, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre, among other landmarks.

And something cool about it is that you get the option of taking the cruise in the nighttime, so you get to see the “City of Light” when it’s all illuminated. 

Summer is the perfect time to take an evening cruise. After all, the weather is so enjoyable this time of the year!

Don’t miss out! Click here to book your cruise!

2. Enjoy the Summer Festivals

Crowd in a concert at Rock En Seine Festival
Rock En Seine Festival – Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

Going to Paris in the summer means you’ll be able to enjoy the festival season!

It all starts with Fête de la Musique, which happens around June 21st and consists of hundreds of music performances played for free in the streets throughout the city and also in bars. 

That means you won’t be spending your money, and you’ll still have some fantastic experiences!

Also, there’s the Jazz Festival at the Parc Floral, which consists of a series of open-air concerts that you can enjoy on the lawns on a blanket with a glass of rosé, and the best part is that they have very reasonable prices.

Another enjoyable summer festival is the open-air cinema at La Villette from late July to late August. Entry to the Open Air Film Festival screenings is free of charge for all. You can hire deckchairs and blankets on-site for a more comfortable screening.

For rock fans, Rock en Seine is a 3-day rock music festival around August.

To be honest, there are just so many events that we’re only naming a few of them, so our point is that you have many options for musical attractions!

3. Discover Paris by Bike

Young romantic couple of tourists using bicycles near the Eiffel tower in Paris

Exploring the beautiful streets of Paris in the summer on a bike tour is an excellent way to discover new landmarks and attractions.

There’s something about uncovering the city’s highlights for a couple of hours and getting to know some backstory with an expert local guide.

You’ll be cycling around some of the most iconic places, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Seine River.

Be sure to book your tour with your friends or family and get the most out of your time in Paris!

4. Enjoy the Canals of the City

People hang out by Canal Saint Martin under trees in Paris
Canal Saint Martin – theendup / Shutterstock

Imagine this: having a picnic or just a drink with friends, taking a walk with your special one, or going on a cruise on the Saint-Martin canal, right in the heart of the French capital.

If you’re spending the summer in Paris, this activity is a must because the canals are places full of charm and romanticism that are not just beautiful to see and experience but also have a lot of history.

You can either have a stroll along the canals or just sip your favorite beverage in one of the terraces and cafés nearby with a beautiful canal view.

5. Cool Off at the Catacombs

Skulls and bones in Paris Catacombs

Feeling curious about the Catacombs of Paris? It’s not for everyone, but it’s a fact that we’re talking about an experience you’ll never forget.

It certainly is a reminder of the bizarre part of Paris’s history. The walk through the catacombs consists of almost a mile of tunnels lined with millions of bones—the part that’s open to the public anyway.

In truth, Paris has about 180 miles of quarry tunnels snaking through the foundation of the city–however, almost all of them are off-limits.

Anyway, it’s well known that the Catacombs of Paris is a massive ossuary. Despite being an experience that some may consider creepy, it is what makes Paris Catacombs interesting and exciting!

6. Have Dinner on an Outdoor Terrace

Cozy street with tables of cafe in Les Marais, Paris

Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious Parisian meal en plein air during the summer in Paris. What else can you ask for, right?

Now that outdoor terraces have been permitted to open again in Paris, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your favorite snack with a good wine admiring the general splendor of the City of Love.

But be careful! If you want to be able to get a table, you’ll better start making reservations ahead of time! 

7. Take a Plunge into Paris Plage

"Parisian beach" on banks of the River Seine

Every summer, Paris beaches, also known as Paris Plages, pop up along the banks of the Seine River and Bassin de la Villette, transforming the riverside with palm trees, beach chairs and umbrellas, and even some large swimming pools. 

Pop-up bars and cafés along the Seine’s banks and even on barges add to the festive ambiance.

The activities include movies, games, concerts, water sports, and more. The best part? All activities are free!

The Paris plages occur from early July through late August or early September. They are usually on the Seine River banks along the 1st, 4th, 6th, and 7th arrondissements. Water sports typically take place at the Bassin de la Villette, though.

8. Stroll Around Parks and Gardens

A family with one child and on runner dressed in orange in Buttes Chaumont Park
Buttes Chaumont Park – Dan Tiego / Shutterstock

Strolling around Parisian parks and gardens, admiring nature, and enjoying the excellent weather is hands down one of the best things to do in Paris in the summer.

This beautiful city has around 480 parks and gardens that you can appreciate, leaving you plenty of options to choose from!

With their breathtaking views, this is an activity to enjoy with your partner or with your friends and family as well, not to mention it’s a budget-friendly activity!

Some of these green spaces include swings and slides to keep your little ones entertained as well, not to mention the Parc Zoologique de Paris, where you can see animals from different parts of the world, so it really is an activity for everyone.

9. Sip Your Favorite Beverage in a Rooftop Bar

two glasses of champagne at rooftop restaurant with view of Eiffel Tower, Paris

Experiencing one of the most beautiful, romantic, and breathtaking views in the entire world while having a delicious meal or sipping some champagne—sounds dreamy right?

If you’re visiting Paris in the summertime, you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic weather with the abundance of rooftop bars and cafés. Surprisingly, you can even do that in areas that are not really “touristy”–they are not crowded at all!

Take advantage of the architecture the City of Light has to offer. The intimate atmosphere it creates on a summer evening is something you can only imagine. And honestly, summer is just perfect for enjoying a drink outside!

10. Have a Cup of Coffee by the Riverside Cafés

Two women drink a beer at a table by the Seine riverbank
Jacky D / Shutterstock

Drinking coffee by the water, whether along the canals or the Seine, is one of the best things to do in Paris in the summer.

After a long day exploring the city, or even in the middle of your afternoon, visiting a café by the Seine to relax just hits different, not to mention it’s perfect for dates or hanging out in big groups.

With live bands playing, fresh food, and the sun up in the sky, it’s a fabulous way to enjoy your summer.

11. Be a Child for a Day at Disneyland Paris

Princess and prince on a chariot during a Disney parade in Paris
Parade in Disneyland Paris – Captured Blinks / Shutterstock

Enjoying Disneyland just never gets old!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, Disneyland Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.

The truth is no matter what season you decide to go, Disneyland will never disappoint in providing magical moments for you and your loved ones.

But you’ll want to book passes ahead for the summer months, so you don’t miss the opportunity to spend an incredible sunny time in one of the most magical places on earth! 

So make sure to add Disneyland to your list of places to go when visiting Paris!

12. Snag Good Finds in a Flea Market

Young couple choosing vinyl records at a flea market in Paris
Fancy a vinyl? – Elena Dijour / Shutterstock

Shopping in Paris is a fantastic experience, but what if you could do that on the cheap?

Paris has many flea markets filled with vintage pieces, rare finds, and fantastic souvenirs.

Porte de Clignancourt holds the biggest flea market in all of Paris, but since it can get very crowded, the most recommendable thing to do is get there as early as you can!

After all, the early bird catches the worm, and you might find many hidden gems!

Holidays in Paris in the Summer

Here’s a short calendar for the summer holidays you need to consider when planning your Paris vacation as businesses might be closed.

  • Whit Monday: June 6
  • Bastille Day: July 14
  • Assumption of Mary: August 15

Good to know: Summer holiday in Paris Jul 7-Aug 31

Final Thoughts on Visiting Paris in the Summer

Exploring Paris in the summer can look like a picture straight out of a magazine or a wallpaper.

Not to mention you can get some fantastic photos since everything surrounding you it’s just beautiful.

Like we said before, summertime it’s been called by many the best time to visit Paris; you just have to consider the crowds.

The long days become opportunities to take lovely trips, and even when it’s one of the largest cities in Europe, the public transport is extensive and affordable!

In short, there’s nothing better than spending your annual summer vacation exploring the City of Love!

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