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Paris in June: Weather, Festivals, & Things to Do

If you’ve ever thought about exploring Paris in the summer but you’re not exactly sure what to do, we want to share why Paris in June is a good idea and how to get the most out of it.

In this blog, we’ll go over what the weather is like in June, what to pack for clothing, and things to do in Paris in June. 

From walking along the Seine and visiting stunning 18th and 19th-century churches and museums to celebrating street art, good music, and views from atop Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel tower, you’ll never get bored exploring everything this extravagant city has to offer.

Romantic street in Montmartre Paris

Why You Must Visit Paris in June

June is one of the most beautiful summer months to experience Paris, and with the long days and warmer weather, it’s no wonder millions choose the city as their summer vacation destination. 

The perfect weather is only one perk; the city comes alive in the summertime with music festivals, art exhibits, and tons of outdoor activities that change the energy of the city, something you’ll be able to feel when you land. 

Of course, the exploration doesn’t stop once the sun waves au revoir, the city at night is something you can’t miss. 

Cabaret shows, jazz clubs, and rooftop views of the city lit up below. These are just some of the ways to take in more of the city’s excitement. 

Pssst: If you’re still not sure when to go, here’s a handy guide on the best time to go to Paris by month and season.

Rue Cremieux, a beautiful street in Paris

Where to Stay in Paris in June

It can be overwhelming to look for accommodation in Paris since there are so many options.

We decided to give you the perfect location to stay based on this month’s features, but we also wrote a detailed review of the best places to stay in Paris.

In the Marais, you’ll find the Le Temple de Jeanne. This pleasant hotel is located near many attractions in the city and the Métro Saint-Paul (rue de Fourcy), making it easier to explore Paris. On top of that, rooms have air-conditioning and are sound-proof.

Paris Weather in June

In June, the city’s average temperature is in the upper 60s, with more than half the days in the month sunny or partly cloudy. It’s quite a pleasant month!

Dawn and dusk boast cooler temperatures around the mid to upper 50s, so you might want to bring a light jacket if you want to make plans after the sun has set. 

Either way, the weather in June is most agreeable for long adventurous days that spill into the night.

  • Minimum temperature: 54.5°F
  • Maximum temperature: 70.9°F
  • Average rainfall: 1.5 inches
  • Average sunshine hours: Roughly nine hours
Young stylish woman walking the street with Eiffel Tower on the background in Paris

What to Wear in Paris in June

  • Summer dresses/skirts: Since the weather calls for warm and sunny days, summer dresses, skirts, and comfortable blouses and tops are great options to wear. Choose lightweight clothing, something that moves very easily with you.  
  • Light cardigan/blazer: As temperatures dip into the 50s at night, bringing a casual blazer can keep you feeling comfortable as your plans continue into the evening and nighttime. It also comes in handy when you visit a museum with air-conditioning, like Musée du Louvre.
  • Comfortable shoes: This is a must and something we have to stress. Since your day will be packed with excursions and sightseeing, you’ll be doing tons of walking and exploring, and the last thing you want to focus on is how bad your feet are feeling. Before you pack for Paris, make sure your flats or shoes pass the comfort test so you can tolerate wearing them all day long.
  • Umbrella: Paris in June can get unexpectedly wet at times, so we recommend always carrying a travel umbrella for those showers that show up out of nowhere. A hat is always a great idea if you plan to be out all day and want a little more coverage than the daily sunscreen you use.

Things to Do in Paris in June

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Paris in June. We hope it will give you lots of inspiration!

1. Enjoy a Rooftop Terrace

two glasses of champagne at rooftop restaurant with view of Eiffel Tower, Paris

Enjoying a rooftop restaurant or bar with some local cuisine and a signature wine is essential when visiting Paris. 

Some of the best views you’ll see of the city are from above, and there are no shortages of rooftop views to take in a summer sunset on. 

A few recommendations are Frame Brasserie & Rooftop, Café de l’Homme, Le Perchois Marais, Terrass Restaurant & Bar, all options with that iconic view of the Eiffel tower.

2. Dine on the Seine River

Seine River cruise in front of Eiffel Tower
Enjoying the summer in a Seine River cruise – frantic00 / Shutterstock

We can’t think of a better way to take in the classic Seine than a 3-course dinner cruise where you can see the city from many different angles. 

This 2-hour dining experience includes a multi-course meal, panoramic views of the city in a glass-enclosed boat, and musical entertainment. There is also an option to select a romantic cruise, which includes a glass of champagne.

Regardless of the option you choose, a river cruise is a must in Paris, especially in the summer. Don’t miss it!

Click here to check availability

3. Climb the Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower
View from the Eiffel Tower

Nothing is more iconic than finding yourself at the top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the City of Light. 

We recommend purchasing your ticket for the Eiffel Tower online ahead of time as it tends to be busy most days of the week, especially in the summertime. 

Not only can you enjoy monumental views from above, but you can also reserve a seat at one of the distinguished restaurants overlooking the city. 

Once you’re done eating, you can head over to the stores where you can shop for anything from souvenirs and trinkets to fabrics and home products.

4. Head to a Parisian Cabaret

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris

As much as the city is exciting during the day, it really comes alive at night. Cabaret shows have been around for many years, and they still take over some of the nightlife in Paris too. 

In Paris, the most popular one is Le Moulin Rouge, known for its enchanting performances, lights, and lively music. A few other suggestions are Le Lido, Le Crazy Horse, and Le Paradis Latin.

5. Take in the City by Bike

Young romantic couple of tourists using bicycles near the Eiffel tower in Paris

Biking through the city can be an exhilarating way to get to know Paris landmarks and see more in a day than you would if you walked. 

Besides, June is an excellent time to feel the breeze on your face as you ride the bike through the city.

We definitely encourage taking a bike tour of the city, and whether it’s a guided tour or a self-tour, it’s still one of the best ways to explore.

6. Shop in the Summer Sales

Sticker sign of sales in Paris

Paris is known for its bi-annual massive bargains where the city’s top stores put up sales ranging from 30% off to a whopping 80% off. 

Each year in January and again in June/July (June 22nd – July 19th), stores like Prada, Armani, Gucci, Chanel, and so many others, offer these special sales, making it the perfect time to shop a little. 

The catch is to arrive on the first day of the sale, as the prices increase as the sales go on.  

7. Take in the Open-Air Art @ Boulevard Paris 13 Project

Street art mural by artist Shepard Fairey in the 13th arrondissement
Street art mural by artist Shepard Fairey in the 13th arrondissement – EQRoy / Shutterstock

Boulevard 13 is home to this beautiful open-air urban artist exhibit that includes gorgeous murals that can be seen from many streets away. 

Many Parisians use these beautiful murals as landmarks when meeting with friends or talking about directions as they are so well-known and appreciated throughout the city. 

No ticket or reservation is needed, just head to Paris Boulevard 13 and take in the iconic artwork as you walk along the streets.

8. Go on a Day Trip

The Versailles Palace in a freezing winter day just before spring
Anamaria Mejia /

Day trips can be a great way to get away from a hectic schedule and get lost in one or two activities throughout the day. 

A day trip to Chateau de Versailles is also a must, and to top it off, the palace is only 9 miles from Paris. So be sure to book your skip-the-line tickets!

We recommend a few other places for a day trip: Disneyland, Boulogne-Billancourt, and Chateau de Chantilly.

9. Picnic in a Park

People sunbathing and picnicking at Place des Vosges
ChristopherGeorge / Shutterstock

June is the perfect month for a lovely picnic in the park, and Paris holds an abundance of the perfect picnic spots.

Some of the most beautiful parks in Paris are Jardin du Luxembourg, where you have a stunning view of Luxembourg Palace, Places des Vosges, perfect for architecture fans, and Bois de Vincennes, the biggest park in Paris and one that’s perfect for people watching.

Events to Enjoy in Paris

1. Fête de la Musique

  • When: June 21st, 2022

Since 1982, this huge street party has been taking over city streets and neighboring countries for several decades with live music, drummers, DJs, and amateur musicians playing all kinds of music like Jazz, Pop, Reggae, and more. 

This year, the festival is on the summer solstice—the longest day of June—and takes place in Place de la Bastille, Hotel des Invalides, Place de la Republic, and Parc de la Villette.

2. Marche des Fiertés LGBT +

  • When: June 25th, 2022 at 2 pm

Attracting over half a million people each June, this Pride parade, formerly known as the Paris Gay Pride March, is the largest Pride demonstration parade in France. 

This iconic gathering brings together over 90 different organizations that unite to fight for equal rights each year. Leading up to the big day, you can find festivities and gatherings across the entire city to partake in.

LGBT Parade in Paris
“Paris est fier-e” – Paris is proud – Julien Jean Zayatz / Shutterstock

3. Les Extatiques Festival

  • When: June 23rd to October 2nd, 2022

This free and unforgettable open-air exhibit provides visitors with 69 different contemporary artworks to peruse and ponder upon. 

Held in the district of La Dêfense, the largest economic center in Europe, this experience allows you to take a step-by-step journey through extraordinary artwork that encourages and challenges our senses and perspectives on life.

4. La Défense Jazz Festival

  • When: June 21st to June 27th, 2022 

Who wouldn’t want to venture to a jazz festival in Paris during the summertime? Sounds like an absolute dream. 

This free annual open-air concert hall boasts an incredible lineup of revered jazz artists that you can come and enjoy for an entire week.

5. Roland Garros 

  • When: May 22nd to June 5th, 2022

Calling all tennis fans all over the world! If you’re in Paris in June, you can’t miss The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros. 

The tournament is the premier clay court championship globally and the only Grand Slam tournament currently held on this surface.

State os tennis player on the "Place des Mousquetaires", near the Rolland Garros Stadium in Paris

Things to Note When Traveling to Paris in June

Since June can be a popular month to travel to Paris, don’t expect low prices for cars, hotels, and airfare. Budget the season into your travel plans before you go. 

Because of the popularity, you’ll also want to reserve as many tickets online as possible. This will help you keep to your plans and not waste time waiting in line for tickets to any exhibits, shows, and attractions.

We highly recommend timed-entrance tickets for the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower (here). But please, do the same for all attractions you’ll be visiting.

Lastly, if you’re up for it, taking in the city early in the morning or evening might be more enjoyable as the city isn’t as busy as the other peak times. The weather is also cooler, making your daily city strolls a little more refreshing.

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